Cigar Punch

Cigar Punch

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Though guillotine cutters are the most common type, some people prefer the clean cut of a punch cutter. They’re smaller, and remove a smaller portion from the end of the cigar compared with guillotine cutters. Making a perfect cut can be easier to do with a cigar punch than with a guillotine cutter, especially if you are unsure about how deep to cut into the filler.

Punch cutters are inserted into the cap of the cigar, and remove a small plug of tobacco. Some punches, like the Multi Quadra punch, can come with different sized tips for punching the perfect cut in small or large ring gauges. The advantage of this is that a large hole in a small gauge cigar can cause it to get hot quickly and ruin the experience.

Cigar punch cutters are more expensive, as well, and comparatively, a high quality double bladed guillotine cutter can be purchased cheaper than a punch cutter of equal quality. Since it can be a difficult investment for casual smokers, punch cutters make great gifts for cigar smokers.

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