Cigar Lighters

Cigar Lighters

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Lighting is an important step in smoking your cigar. In modern times, the match and natural flame lighters have fallen out of fashion to make way for new torch lighters. Torch lighters use compressed butane to produce a clean burn that doesn’t add residual flavors to the cigar. They contain no wick, and a heated coil is used to ignite the butane.

Lighting a cigar is a very delicate task, and butane is the lighter of choice because it does not interact with the flavors and is clean and inexpensive to use. There are single, double, and multi flame lighters to help light your cigar perfectly.

Nibo, Xikar, and Colibri, all make high quality cigar lighters to fit each person. Each offers different types of single and multi jet, standard and windproof, and even tabletop butane lighters, to fit the needs of any customer. Whether you’re a true aficionado, or just an enthusiast, you can find a lighter that fits your needs perfectly.

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