Cigar Humidor Beads

Cigar Humidor Beads

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Humidor beads provide one of the easiest ways to maintain the humidity inside of any humidor. With very little maintenance, they can keep even a large collection of cigars at 70% humidity for a long period of time. The best feature of humidor beads is they never need to be replaced, and are inexpensive to purchase.

Humidor beads are made out of an engineered silica gel. It is designed to keep the humidity inside of your humidor at a perfect 70% for several weeks. Setting them up is easy, and only requires wetting down 70% of the beads being used inside the humidor. Once 70% of them are wetted with distilled water, they can be placed inside, where they’ll protect the cigars for several weeks.

Maintenance is easy on the beads. Every few weeks, the shallow container they’re in just needs to be sprayed again with distilled water until 70% of them are wet. Then they can be forgotten about again for several weeks while they keep cigars safe from cracking and swelling.

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