Cigar Humidor Accessories

Cigar Humidor Accessories

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Sometimes humidors don’t come with all the necessary items to keep your cigars safe and aging correctly, especially if you’re making or putting together your own. Hygrometers are an important part of a humidor because they monitor the humidity levels and can also display the humidor temperature. Maintaining a steady temperature and humidity is important to the longevity of your cigars.

Aside from digital and analog hygrometers for your humidor, there are packets of solution that are placed in a humidor to calibrate it to the perfect humidity. Changes in humidity wear out the humidor and damage the cigars enclosed in it, so these packages keep the humidity stead and age the cigars perfectly.

To make use of the solution, a humidifier needs to be attached to the interior of the humidor. There are many different types of humidifiers, but they all perform a basic function of maintaining the climate within so that your cigars age beautifully and smoke and taste great months later.

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