Cigar Holder

Cigar Holder

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Cigar holders are an overlooked, but often necessary, accessory for any cigar smoker. It can be painful to snuff out a cigar early because there is no safe place to set it down. Rather than burning grass out on the golf course by setting it down on the ground to take a swing, a cigar holder provides a safe place to hold your favorite cigars.

There are many different types of cigar holders. Clamping holders can attach to a golf cart or bag to hold it securely when out on the links, along with divot tools have built in holders. They can also be clamped onto a table while pouring a drink to enjoy with your favorite cigars.

Some ashtrays have built-in holders that clamp down lightly on the cigar to make sure it’s secure from falling or rolling off. It’s important to have something to hold a cigar down especially if it could fall off and start a fire.

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