Cigar Cutters

Cigar Cutters

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Cigar cutters come in 3 basic varieties. With straight cutters being by far the most popular, cigar aficionados also like to use wedge cutters and hole punch cigar cutters. The type of cutter you use is up to personal preference, and many true enthusiasts may have several different cutters for use with different gauges of cigar.

Straight cutters are the most common, and provide a simple, guillotine cut to the cigar. Single bladed straight cutters are cheaper, but don’t provide as good of a cut as the more expensive dual blade cutters.
Wedge or “V” cutters are similar to guillotine cutters, but do not cut as much of the cigar off. Instead they slice a V line across the end of the cigar at a set depth.

Hole punch cutters do what they say; punch a hole in the end of the cigar to draw smoke through. Hole punch cutters are a little easier to carrier around, and don’t remove as much of the cigar when they cut as a straight cutter.

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