Cigar Case

Cigar Case

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If you’re only carrying around a couple cigars, travel humidors are a great accessory. But, if you plan on smoking a cigar or two later in the day, but don’t want to bring around a bigger travel humidor or risk damaging a few of your favorite cigars, a cigar case is a great substitute.

Cigar cases are lightweight cases that can carry 2 or 3 of your favorite cigars without all the bulk of travel humidors. Though they don’t have a way of maintaining cigar humidity, they’re easier to carry around and if the cigars are only going to be out for a few hours, it may not be a problem.

If you’re looking to carry around a single cigar, a small tube case can protect a preferred stogie for a little while, not much longer than a day, until it’s ready to be smoked. Cigar cases are great for carrying around a few cigars for a short period of time, but for longer trips, a travel humidor may fit your needs better.

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