Cigar Caddy

Cigar Caddy

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Cigar Caddy makes high quality travel cases for cigars. Traveling with cigars can be dangerous, especially when other people are going to be handling the cases they’re in. Cigar Caddy keep this in mind, and created lines of travel cases that are crushproof, waterproof, and protected against the environment or careless people.

Cigar Caddy moved into the humidor market and rose quickly because of their commitment to making quality humidors. Each humidor is not just airtight and crushproof, but water resistance down to depths of 100 feet. They’re one of the few companies that welcome criticism from their customers, and actively use it to make the kind of products that consumers actually want.

They make humidors for all different quantities of cigars. From 2-5 stick humidors that can be put in a glove compartment or golf bag, to 30 stick cases with built in humidors for long trips, there is most definitely a humidor to fit the needs of each customer.

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