Cherry Humidor

Cherry Humidor

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Cherry wood humidors add a nice touch to any room. The beautiful color of the wood is easy to distinguish, and the color palette of the wood ranges from a bright red color, down to a deep burgundy, depending the age and staining of the wood.

Cherry humidors can hold a variety of different amounts of cigars, depending on construct. The reason cherry is a great choice for humidor is, like all hardwoods, it is durable enough to withstand damage over time, and still look good. If the wood prepared correctly, a cherry humidor can last for a long time and keep your cigars in good condition.

Cherry humidors also make a popular gift for groomsmen. For many, giving the groomsmen a cherry wood humidor is a tradition that goes back many generations. Many can be personalized as gifts for special occasions such as wedding, or given away as gifts for graduations or promotions.

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