Cedar Humidor

Cedar Humidor

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Cedar is a common wood used to make humidors. Spanish cedar is the easiest to find, and the highest quality lining for the inside of a humidor. However, some people prefer the look and smell of other types of wood, and cedar offers a nuanced choice for different customers.

With a cedar wood humidor that isn’t made with Spanish, it’s important to season the cedar and make sure that it isn’t too aromatic. Red cedar is a very aromatic wood, and if not properly prepared, can ruin the taste and flavors of your cigars.

Tobacco absorbs smells from the environment around it, which is why Spanish cedar is chosen because it doesn’t transmit strong odors into the cigars. However, other cedar woods can be a good choice for someone who prefers the smells and flavors that particular wood offers. So find ones that have been properly dried and seasoned to protect your cigars from being ruined.

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