Butane Cigar Lighter

Butane Cigar Lighter

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Windproof lighters have become a popular choice for cigar smokers recently, but a lot of cigar smokers prefer the classic feel of using a natural flame butane lighter. Either way, the butane fuel has become the fuel of choice for cigar smokers because it doesn’t transfer flavors and odors into the tobacco of fine cigars. Whether you choose windproof or natural flame, butane has a distinct advantage over other types of fuel.

Butane either comes in a liquid or gaseous form, depending on the type of lighter. Under high pressure, gas butane appears like a liquid, but burns without the additional flavors. It’s the most common fuel for windproof lighters and cigar lighters because it does not transmit as many flavors into tobacco. Tobacco absorbs odors from the air, which is another reason why it’s important to keep them in a humidor, so a clean burning fuel is important to smoking the perfect cigar.

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