Burl Humidor

Burl Humidor

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Burl humidors are a great addition for someone looking to add beautiful wood humidor to their collection. Burl humidors come in a variety of different styles and sizes and can hold anywhere from only a few of your favorite cigars, to a box or more.

Burl is a particular cut of wood used for its beautiful finish and cut. It is sometimes caused by mold or infestations, but the result is a beautiful marbled wood that looks like a swirling smoke when stained and finished. With traditional cuts of wood, the wood finish has lines from the rings of a cut from a tree. However, burl cuts are cross sections of a growth from the tree, and looks like a marbled wood finish.

Burl has been used to make humidors for only a few cigars, and some can hold up to 300 of your favorite stogies. With their beautiful color and finish, they look beautiful with any décor.

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