Bullet Cigar Cutter

Bullet Cigar Cutter

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There are many different ways to cut a cigar, and picking a cutter is largely up to the preference of the smoker. Bullet, or punch, cigar cutters work differently than traditional guillotine cutters. The unique cut is often chosen because it’s easy to use and does not damage the wrapper of a cigar.

A bullet cutter cuts by punching a circular hole into the cap and filler of the cigar. The cut is not deep, and can open up a mixed filler cigar. The punch cut is also less likely to cause small bits of tobacco to fall out and get into your mouth while smoking.

However, the bullet cutter will not work on figurado or torpedo cigars. The unique shape of these cigars is designed to be cut better by guillotines or cigar scissors. Especially large or small gauges are also not recommended because it can cause the cigar to smoke too hot or cause a tight draw.

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