Blazer Cigar Lighter

Blazer Cigar Lighter

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Blazer has been making industrial tools and accessories for over 20 years, and they have been putting that same quality into their cigar lighters and cigar accessories. Though they started out making industrial mini torches and burners, but have used their knowledge in that industry to produce some of the best cigar lighters available.

Blazer offers many cigar lighters with different features and designs to fit each smoker’s preference, but it’s the high quality of their burners that makes them so desirable. Blazer has been engineering high quality burners for over 20 years, and their technology has transferred well into more portable items.

Their original, the Blazer torch cigar lighter, is one of their highest quality lighters. The single, blue flame torch, is powerful enough to give a perfect light every time. The butane is stored in a high pressure clear windowed bottle so you can easily see how much fuel you have left in your lighter.

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