Analog Hygrometer

Analog Hygrometer

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Monitoring the humidity inside of a humidor is necessary to protect your cigars until you get the chance to enjoy them. Analog hygrometers are the classic method of monitoring a humidor, and add a touch of class, too. Analog hygrometers do require more maintenance than a digital one, but the look and style is often worth it for a lot of cigar enthusiasts.

Analog hygrometers use one of three methods for determining humidity: metal spring, natural hair, or synthetic hair. Metal springs are the most common, but synthetic hair hygrometers are more accurate and don’t require the tuning and maintenance of either metal spring or natural hair.

The benefit of a hair hygrometer over metal spring is they generally provide a more accurate reading of the humidity inside a humidor. Synthetic hairs provide the best way of both accurately and reliably determining humidity levels and by comparison need less maintenance than either metal spring or natural hair.

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