50 count Humidor

50-count Humidor

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If you’ve purchased a box of cigars, you’re no doubt in need of a humidor large enough to hold and preserve them all. A 50 count humidor can hold up to 50 of your favorite cigars until you’re ready to enjoy them.

This size of humidor is a favorite, and quality humidors are being made by brands like Diamond Crown and Savoy. Each brand has its rigorous standards of quality, and offers different benefits for each cigar enthusiast.

50 Count humidors can come in a traditional wood or glass top design, and are offered in a variety of styles, wood colors, and liners. A high quality humidor will be nearly airtight, allowing enough room for the cigars to breathe, and all the hinges and joints will be solid and durable. Because the humidor will expand and contract with varying humidity and temperature, it’s important that it is made well enough to withstand it.

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