25 count Humidor

25-count Humidor

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A 25 count humidor is perfect for storing a box of cigars. Cigars are commonly packed in boxes of 25, which makes it easy to transfer them over from the box they’re purchased in, into a humidor that will age them over the coming months.

If you tend to stick to a favorite cigar, or like to purchase a variety of cigars to try, then a 25 count humidor is a common choice because of the size and price range. Though they store less than 50 count or 100 count humidors, they generally are cheaper in price, but still provide the same quality of protection as larger humidors.

25 Count humidors come in traditional and glass top styles, per your preference, and come in a variety of wood coverings and materials. Diamond Crown and Savoy are some of the more popular brands of humidors, but you can find a high quality humidor from other brands by just checking the craftsmanship in the hinges, liner, and construction.

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