100 count Humidor

100-count Humidor

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If you’ve got a large collection of cigars, or you stocked up on a good deal while it was available, a 100 count humidor is a solution for keeping all those cigars safe as until you can get the chance to take them out to smoke or share with friends.

100 count humidors come in a variety of different liners, from Spanish cedar to Honduran mahogany. To make sure they keep your cigars protected for as long as possible, it’s important to season the humidor by getting it to the correct humidity before placing any cigars into it. Not properly seasoning a humidor can ruin several boxes of cigars, especially in larger humidors.

Xikar truly is the biggest name for 100 count humidors. They manufacture and sell the highest quality humidors, and their affordability aids in that. For customers searching for a humidor that can store several boxes of cigars, and keep the protected and fresh for several months or longer, Xikar is a common choice.

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