Cigar Accessories Store

Cigar Accessories Store

Welcome to Cigar Inspector’s cigar accessories store. In this section of the site, we tried to aggregate the best offers for those little (or not so little) things that make cigar smoking a much more comfortable and easier process. Lighters, cutters, humidors – we’ve got all of these (as well as other, less important accessories); whatever your budget, you’ll find a complete range of cigar swag to make your smoking experience painless. Remember that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on accessories, however, you definitely need a humidor, a cigar cutter and a cigar lighter to make the most out of the smoking experience. We are inviting you to browse the selection below and choose your swag. Happy shopping!

Cigar Humidors (size)

Cigar Humidors (type)

Humidor Accessories

Cigar Caddy
Cigar Case
25 Count Humidor
50 Count Humidor
100 Count Humidor
Large Humidor
Leather Cigar Case
Medium Humidor
Pocket Humidor
Small Humidor
Travel Humidor
Burl Humidor
Cedar Humidor
Cherry Humidor
Desktop Humidor
Discount Humidor
Diamond Crown Humidor
Glass Top Humidor
Humidor Jar
Savoy Humidor
Spanish Cedar Humidor
Supreme Humidor
Analog Hygrometer
Digital Hygrometer
Digital Humidifier
Electronic Humidifier
Humidifier Gel
Humidor Beads
Humidor Seasoning Kit
Hygrometer for Humidor
Propylene Glycol
Tube Humidifier

Cigar Lighters

Cigar Cutters

Other Accessories

Blazer Lighter
Butane Cigar Lighter
Colibri Lighter
Nibo Lighter
Prometheus Lighter
Table Cigar Lighter
Torch Cigar Lighter
Triple Torch Lighter
Xikar Lighter
Bullet Cigar Cutter
Cigar Punch
Cigar Scissors
Davidoff Cutter
Double Bladed Cigar Cutter
Guillotine Cutter
Palio Cutter
Table Cigar Cutter
V Cigar Cutter
Xikar Cutter
Air Purifier
Cigar Ashtray
Cigar Holder