Top 5 Cigar Books

There are a lot of books about cigars. Some of them are good, some of them are less good and some of them are, let's admit it, almost useless. I've been checking out some books lately and I also asked people around to recommend their favorites, so we came up with this list. Feel free to let us know if we missed some in the comments area.

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The Ultimate Cigar Book

The Ultimate Cigar Book

This is the all-time bestseller and considered as the cigar book. It is indeed quite a nice read, not too simple and not too technical. The author concentrates more on non-Cuban cigars. The 2003 edition is quite expensive, but you can get the old one real cheap.

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Cigars: Revised & Updated

Cigars: Revised & Updated

This beautiful book is very recent (2009), unlike most of other books in our selection. Written by a renowned cigar expert, Vahé Gérard, it deals with the history and traditions of cigars. There are some great photographs made by Matthieu Prier. Cigars: Revised & Updated concentrates more on Cuban cigars.

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Cigar Dossier

Cigar Dossier

This is probably the best pre-filled cigar journal. If you are too lazy to make one, this hard-covered stylish book will help you record your experiences with different cigars. It is extremely easy to use and has enough pages to store hundreds of reviews.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars

This is, in our opinion, the best book for newbies. If you have more than one year experience in cigar smoking, then you probably won't learn much from this read, but if you're just getting started, there's a ton of valuable information. Extremely easy to read and understand, it will make a nice gift.

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The Illustrated History of Cigars

The Illustrated History of Cigars

This appears to be the best coffee-table book about cigars. Thorough explanations, interesting history, great illustrations - we should also mention the quality translation. The authors seem to overestimate Cuban cigars, but we'll pardon them.

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As you can see, we didn't include any "cigar encyclopedias" in our list. There are several reasons for this - first of all, there are so many released and discontinued cigars each year that it is really impossible to have a very reliable printed ressource. Secondly, this information (most of it) can be easily found online.

UPDATE Here are a couple of other cigar-related books of note, suggested by our readers:

I hope you enjoyed this selection. Don't forget to let us know about your favorite cigar books!

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32 Comments on “Top 5 Cigar Books”

  1. handypilot says:

    Another good book is Nat Sherman’s a Passion for Cigars.

  2. Nuthin’ at my local libererry…

  3. Nice article. I’d love to grab a few of these as Christmas presents.

  4. The cigars reviewed and updated is an amazing book! The small reviews on the Cuban cigars is amazing!

  5. Cigars: Revised and Updated is a very good book. Tells you about the history of cigars, the making of it from harvesting to aging in a hangar. It even tells you which one to smoke with which drink.

    I didn’t even read the review in this site when I bought this book three days ago… What a Coincidence.

    Buy this book if you can get your hands on Cuban cigars only since 90% of the book is about Cuban cigars!

  6. cigarsarge says:

    Always looking for some new reads on cigars.

  7. slandry55 says:

    great cigar book suggestions

  8. Try to find these books at a library and they look at you like your a leper

  9. 2martinis says:

    just ask the nice people at your library and i bet they will do their best to add the books to the shelves

  10. says:

    Good read!

  11. Ken Ballone says:

    I’m going to see if these are available on Kindle, there are a couple that look like good reading.

  12. Any information is the knowledge that led me to really enjoy, & interact on yoour site. Books, always will be a treasure trove of useful facts.

  13. wyattjones says:

    I love books.

  14. TriMarkC says:

    I recently received “The Illustrated History of Cigars” as a gift. I love just flipping through the pages and reading random information while enjoying a great cigar!

  15. *Uhm…where’s Min Ron Nee’s book “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post Havana Cigars”c.2005??

  16. Update to the above: Sorry, didn’t catch in time the commentary that illustrated encyclopedias included and why. Again, Sorry!

  17. Thanks for the various references, they’re very useful when you begin to explore the cigar world

  18. I look forward to looking at these, thanks

  19. Thanks for the list. Nat Sherman’s book is very good.

  20. vavinco says:

    My favorite cigar book is “An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Havana Cigars”.

  21. I third jag-z and vavinco, where is Min Ron Nee?

    Also, Lew Rothman’s classic is still very much relevant.

  22. I would also add one of the newest books out there titled Inside Cuban Cigars by Tabakmann It’s at both Amazon and B&N. Probably the most indepth discussion of Cuban tobacco strains, rolling techniques and the Cuban cigar business I’ve read.

  23. Here’s another by this guy Tabakmann. A very cool travel guide of Havana for Cigar Smokers.

  24. The Cigar From Soil To Soul by Didier Houvenaghel the man behind the Nicarao brand is a good read.

  25. Nice list. I have one or two of those in my library!

  26. Aldo Mombello says:

    In my opinion the best book about cuban cigars is “An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars. Autors: Min Ron NEE and Honorary Consultant: Adriano Martinez RIUS edited in 2003″. This book represent a complete referenced guide to all brands and their cigars produced since the cuban revolution. In my dedicated library to Cuban Cigars (more than 70 books) this is one of the most important tool to know and recognize all the of cuban brands and vitolas.
    Someone could object that the ediction is old of ten years, but I think that in the last ten years the world of cuban cigars it be adacting to the evolution of the global economy and the habanos become less artigianal, many vitolas were cut off and others new shape become dominant in cigars marketing more of them represented by short cigars with large gauge for decrease the time of smoking. Also the brands (about 40) survived to the Revolution have suffered drastic changes especially in their production and successive distribuction in several countries. Today not more than ten brands are predominant and other historical labels are almost very difficult to find. So I think that a catalogue like the encyclopaedia of Min Ron Nee is a stronghold about cuban cigars knowledge and that is enough implemente it for the new products with the catalogue of the most important traders and distributors, obviously with several exceptions.

  27. Aldo Mombello says:

    Recently seems that Mr.Min Ron Nee has finish to write the second edition of The Encyclopaedia of post-revolutionary Havana Cigars a munumental work of review of all happened in the last ten years first in the complex world of limited edition and especially series. I wait this book to my personal knowledge of habanos for the moment the first edition is my bible about cuban cigars.

  28. Ed Camacho says:

    Great reading material for all who enjoy a cigar.

  29. Asher Atchick says:

    Wrappers not Rappers.

  30. I love The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cigars to me that taught me a ton about cigars in general and it’s a great starting off point.

  31. Ron Severtis says:

    I agree that the Illustrated History is a great coffee table book!

  32. Why are some of these books soooo expensive?!

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