Cigar Review – Wong Kwong Guocui Cigars – Crown (The Quintessence) (王冠國粹) (National Essence)

Origin : China

Gifted by William Kilander, President of the Swedish Cigar Federation.

Little info about the cigar before we begin, since this is only available in China at the moment it was very hard to find any info on it even the name of it. But what I can find this a collaboration between Anhui Tobacco and Scandinavian Tobacco Group that started back in 2011.
I can’t really find any info if all the tobacco is from China or if it’s a mix. I’m still searching and will update the review upon getting the info.
Anyhow the cigar was made to commemorate Chinese nation drama – Peking Opera. Qing Emperor Qianlong, “the four emblem classes into Beijing”, the integration of various artistic achievements of opera, the birth of Peking Opera.
The band on the cigar represents a classic mask used at the Chinese Opera.

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