Velazquez Pyramid

Velazquez Pyramid

Origin : Puerto Rico
Format : Pyramid
Size : ~6 in. x 42
Wrapper : N/A
Filler : N/A
Binder : N/A
Price : N/A

Velazquez cigar is (or will be) Puerto Rico’s newest entry into the very competitive cigar landscape. It is solely distributed by Maredos Cigars in Moreno Valley, CA. Puerto Rico is not well known for its cigar industry although it possesses the climate and terrain to grow very fine tobacco.

The information in this cigar is very slim; the only mention can be found either on Twitter (@maredoscigars) or at the Social Cigar website. It is not known if this is a Puerto Rican puro, so no information on the composition of the cigar is available for this review.

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