“Off the Beaten Path”: Antillian Cigar Company

Antillian Cigar Corp

To kick off this series, I decided to start off with the company that had the most variety to offer. Although they are headquartered in Miami, the majority of their products are produced at Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia in the Dominican Republic. Yes, you heard right, Fuente. Founded by Don Juan Sosa in Cuba many years ago, the company was revived in the Dominican years later by grandson Juan Sosa. From there, Sosa Cigars was born.

When I contacted the Antillian Cigar Company to inform them about my piece, I was greeted with open arms by Arby Sosa. Arby supervises several of the Sosa Cigar lines, and he was more than happy to oblige. They have a great site that is quite easy to navigate, provides just enough information, and it provides the ability to order some of the lower ends of their line. However, if you want the really good stuff, you either need to be a dealer, or be willing to buy by the box or bundle in dealer sized quantities. You can also find several tobacconists that are approved dealers by clicking here. The product arrived in 4 business days (from Miami to Dallas, Texas), which tells me that they shipped the product promptly. The box I received was slightly damaged, but fortunately they packaged the product with great care, and none of the sticks were damaged. Although the sticks were not packaged with any humidification, they were sealed in ziplocs and felt perfectly humidified to the touch. When shipping is that fast, I guess you don’t really need it.

Several lines are offered by the Antillian Cigar Company, ranging from classic smokes, to smokes that may appeal to the next generation of aficionados that like cool and peculiar smokes. In a nutshell, they have all their bases covered, and they don’t leave a single smoker behind. You can view their full line here. Try to stop drooling on yourself, and let’s move on to the fun part.

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