Review Sancho Panza Valientes – 2017 Swiss Regional Edition

Origin : CubaSancho Panza height="107" />
Format : Montesco
Size : 130 mm x 55
Ring : 55
Price : CHF27-
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Sancho Panza appeared on a cigar in 1848. The brand takes it name from the novel of Miguel Cervantes: Don Quixote.

The marca develops intense medium strength cigars with a high ageing potential. If you have the chance to enjoy a Sancho Panza Sancho from the late 90s they are pure pleasure and they are still around on the market.

I was invited by Intertabak, the Swiss distributor for Habanos S.A., when in Cuba to pre taste the new Swiss Regional edition.

Since 2005, Habanos S.A. decided to develop a new marketing concept called the Regional Edition Series. Each market exclusive distributor has the right to work closely with Habanos to develop a cigar exclusively for their region market. This cigar must be coming from a local or multi-local brand (the 10 Major brands are therefore excluded from the concept such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Trinidad etc...) and its vitola must be a current production one but not used within the brand range. In this case the Montesco format is a very trendy format used for the Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill but not part of the official Sancho Panza selection. Nowadays, Habanos has set the minimum cigar order for this concept at 60 000 sticks (6000 numbered boxes of 10 cigars).

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Sancho Panza Escuderos (Germany Regional Edition)

Sancho Panza Escuderos (Germany Regional Edition)

Origin : CubaSancho Panza
Format : Robusto Extra
Size : 155 x 22 mm (6.1 x 50)
Release year : 2011
Price : ~150 EUR for a box of 10
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Today's guest review is written by Stephen Griffiths, a UK-based aficionado who blogs about cigars and beer at Check out his blog for more great reviews like this one!

Tonight’s Cigar is the Sancho Panza Escuderos, a special release for Germany as part of the Regional Edition series. The Sancho Panza brand doesn’t get that much publicity, mainly due to the lack of different vitolas within the range and no real superstars within it either. You can argue that in many circles, the Sancho Panza Belicosos is known as a great insider’s Cigar. However there’s not enough people singing its praises to solidly give it that title on a wider scale.

For that reason, it’s great to see that 5th Avenue, the Cuban Cigar distributor in Germany have decided to release a Cigar under the Sancho Panza brand and under the Regional Edition Series.

I’ve always been skeptical regarding the whole Regional Edition series. Every year there are over twenty releases for a whole host of countries including Canada, the Middle East, Israel and Asia Pacific amongst others. Some of the releases are hit, but for most part, they just don’t climb the heights I would expect Cuban Cigars of this price point. I’ve had many Edicion Limitadas in the past that were a decent one off smoke, but I would not buy again. Would the Sancho Panza Escuderos be the same? There’s only one way to find out...

Online, there isn’t really that much information regarding the Escuderos anywhere. Unlike the United Kingdom Regional Editions for example, there’s no fanfare, no launch, and therefore these somewhat get released under the radar. Because of this, I have no real comparison to anyone else’s notes regarding this Cigar. Maybe it’s a good thing. How many times you have read a review regarding a Cigar that you want to try; flavour x and y, however, when it comes to the time you smoke it yourself, those flavours and aromas described to you are not what you’re detecting at that moment.

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Sancho Panza Belicosos

Sancho Panza Belicosos

Origin : CubaSancho Panza
Format : Torpedo
Size : 140 x 20.64 mm (6.4 x 42)
Ring : 52
Weight : 12.45 g
Box code : TPG JUN 08
Price : ~$210 for a box of 25
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These cigars were provided for review by, a new shop with sales offices in Canada and guaranteed delivery worldwide.

Sancho Panza is not a very famous brand, despite of the fact that it has been one of the most sold in the middle of the 20th century. Created in 1848, it has been sold and re-sold at least five times to finally end up between the hands of El Rey del Mundo house in 1931. A couple of decades after that, the flagship vitolas like Belicosos and Molinos were among the most popular in Europe. Nowadays, for some reason (IMO - due to the Habanos SA marketing practices), these cigars are once again being forgotten.

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Sancho Panza Molinos

Sancho Panza Molinos

Origin : CubaSancho Panza
Format : Lonsdale (cervantes)
Size : 165 x 16.67 mm (6.4 x 42)
Ring : 42
Weight : 10.8 g
Box code : PAR JUL 02
Price : ~$200 for a box of 25
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Sancho Panza is an old Cuban brand created in 1852. It is not a well-known line that contains less than 10 cigars, some of them (Bachilleres, Non Plus) being rather average smokes whereas others, for example Coronas Gigantes or Molinos, the object of this review, are on par with cigars from major producers.

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