Cigar of the Week: Diamond Crown Maximus

Diamond Crown Maximus cigars were created by J.C. Newman (Cigar Family). The Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper is produced by the Oliva family while the filler and the binder come from the Fuente's properties in the Dominican Republic. Flavor-wise, it is exactly what you'd expect from the sun-grown El Bajo - a lot of earth, hints of sweetness with some mocca/coffee.

Diamond Crown Maximus Robusto #5

Where to get it?

These cigars can be found anywhere between $8 and $12 per single, and below $10 it's a decent value.
Check out the prices here.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #92 (May 22 2010)

Welcome to our weekly reviews selection. Some great Avo cigar reviews today!

Avo Limited Edition 2010

Reviewed by Brian at   Nice Tight Ash

These limited editions are probably Avo's best cigars at the moment. Most expensive as well?
Read the full review here...

Avo Companero LE 2009

Reviewed by Matt at  Matt's Cigar Journal

This cigar was released for the 83rd anniversary of Avo Uvezian. Great stuff!
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Alec Bradley adds QR code to their merchandise

A press release from Alec Bradley. Sounds fun!

DANIA, FL – May 19, 2010 - Alec Bradley Cigars, makers of the highly-rated Tempus, Prensado and Family Blend cigars, is the first company in the cigar industry to incorporate QR Code technology in their ads, shelf talkers, T-shirts, and other merchandise. The codes allow mobile device users to instantly access additional information on the Alec Bradley Cigars website,

Alec Bradley adds QR code to their merchandise

These 2 and 3‐dimensional, state‐of‐the‐art barcodes will allow consumers who own mobile devices with QR code readers to link to more information about Alec Bradley cigars, accessories, swag, promotions and more ‐ instantly.

QR codes, (internet‐speak for Quick Response) are used to take a piece of information from a variety of media and connect to it via the camera in mobile phones. The media can be anything from website links, to text, photos, videos and more. Their primary advantage over regular bar codes is that they can store exponentially more data. Alec Bradley Cigars is using QR codes in their ads, shelf talkers, T‐shirts, and other merchandise, giving mobile device users the ability to go directly to their website in seconds.

For example, a consumer can scan the QR code on a shelf talker in a cigar store or other retail location. The code takes them to a link where they can then see key details about that particular line. To accomplish this, Alec Bradley has created a mobile‐optimized site for their Select Cabinet Reserve (SCR), Family Blend, and Prensado selections. Other lines will be added.

"We've always paid great attention to detail when creating cigars,” said Alec Bradley Cigars president, Alan Rubin. "In applying the same kind of detail to our advertising and point of sale material, we've seen a very positive response to the technology. In a very traditional industry, it is important to see how technology can be a powerful tool to enhance our customers’ experience, and this is only the beginning.”

To take advantage of Alec Bradley's new QR code scanning capability, a mobile device user must have a QR code reader on their mobile device's camera.

Cigar of the Week: Nub Connecticut

Nub cigars were launched back in 2008 with a massive marketing campaign organized by Sam Leccia from Oliva cigars. The idea behind the concept is that every cigar has a 'sweet spot' and the Nubs, being rather short, are the very essence of this sweet spot. Available with multiple wrappers like Habano, Maduro, Cameroon and Connecticut, the blend received good press and was warmly welcomed by aficionados. Today's featured cigar sports an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and is filled with tobacco from Cameroon.

Nub Connecticut

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  • Linus from Cigar Newbie says the Connecticut is definitely an enjoyable cigar, thanks to its balanced and 'inter-twined' flavors.
  • Barry reviewed it one year after the release and found that it still deserves a place in the humidor.
  • Scott at Cigar Command managed to stand the cigar on its ash and claimed it was a good cigar for the morning rotation.

Where to get it?

Available in the $4-6 range, Nub Connecticut is a good option when you're looking for a (relatively) short, full-flavored smoke.
Check out the prices here.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #91 (May 8 2010)

Welcome to our weekly reviews selection.

Montecristo C 2003 Limited Edition

Reviewed by Brooks at   The Smoking Stogie

Unfortunately, this rare cigar didn't deliver. I guess I won't be hunting this down.
Read the full review here...

La Traviata Maduro

Reviewed by DMJ at  Tiki Bar Online

After the successful natural version, CAO is planning to release La Traviata Maduro. According to this short review, definitely something to watch out for.
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Rocky Patel purchases 50% of United Tobacco

According to, Rocky Patel recently acquired 50% of United Tobacco, founded by Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega. The company is behind popular brands such as EO 601 or Cubao.

Cigar of the Week: La Aurora 1495

Featuring tobacco from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Peru, La Aurora 1495 (at least the original one) is wrapped in an Ecuadorian leaf. Being the very first line created by La Aurora and Jose Blanco, it definitely helped to establish the good reputation this company boasts.

La Aurora 1495 Robusto

  • I reviewed the La Aurora 1495 robusto a couple of months ago and it has gained a place in my regular rotation since then.
  • Recently, the Connoisseurs selection was released, which consists of the same cigar with different wrappers. Cigarfan tried them and summarizes his impressions in this great review.
  • There is another good review of this stick on Cigar Review Rag. Check it out.

Where to get it?

These can be found at around $5-6 each, which is quite a good deal, IMO. If you can find the '94 version (review), it might be a good idea to get some as well!
Check out the prices here.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #90 (Apr 24 2010)

Welcome to our weekly reviews selection.

Lempira Fuerte

Reviewed by Chris at   Nice Tight Ash

Chris isn't exactly impressed by this Nicaraguan puro.
Read the full review here...
On other hand, Nathaniel gives it a "buy" recommendation...

Cuba Aliados Miami

Reviewed by Cigarfan at  Keepers of the Flame

Another smoke with a Nigaraguan filler, the Cuba Aliados Miami might be the best cigar from Reyes, according to Tom.
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Read our take at the Cuba Aliados Miami...

La Aurora 107 Giveaway

Miami Cigar & Company, the exclusive distributor for La Aurora brands in the United States, announces the release of the La Aurora Serie 107 Anniversario to mark the company’s 107th year of operation in the Dominican Republic. As part of a year-long campaign to Rediscover La Aurora, 107 retailers across the U-S will be giving away 107 robustos on April 30th. The list of participating retailers can be found at
Check it out.

Cigar of the Week: Don Pepin Garcia Blue

Among the cigars that Pepin Garcia produces under his own name, the Blue Label must be one of the most popular and consistent. With a Nicaraguan oscuro wrapper, this puro is positioned as a full-bodied cigar with strongly expressed spicy flavors.

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Fundadores

Where to get it?

DPG Blue Label cigars sell for less than $9 per stick, depending on the vitola, especially if bought by box. Check out the prices here.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #89 (Apr 10 2010)

Welcome to our weekly reviews selection.


Reviewed by Brooks at   The Smoking Stogie

Brooks reviews the only French puro available, Le Navarre. He did it blind and found some typical Cuban flavors. Curiously, when I tasted it I didn't come to the same conclusion.
Read the full review here...
Check out my review of the Navarre...

Dirty Rat by Drew Estate

Reviewed by Jacob at  The Cigar Nut

Let's just hope we'll see this cigar on sale one day.
Read the full review here...

Cigar contests at Toasted Foot

Everybody knows Cigar Inspector is your source for cigar contests. However, we've got a serious competitor! :) Toasted Foot gives you a chance to win a 50-count humidor, and this is only the first of their 3 April contests. You really have to check it out.