Cigar Review – Partagas Presidentes

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Tacos
Size : 158mm X 47
Price : USD 15

Cigar Rating

Draw : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Burn : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Flavour : Rating: ★★★★★½
Aroma : Rating: ★★★★½☆
strength : Rating: ★★★★★★

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Cigar Review – Partagas Series No. 1 Edicion Limitada 2017

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Noblezas
Size : 138mm X 52
Price : USD 17

Since 2000, Habana S.A has released every year an ‘Edicion Limitada’ cigar. These cigars used to wear an extra aged wrapper only until 2007. Until then every leafs in the cigar goes through the extra 2 years of aging. This allows the blend to be rounder and smoother.
Edicion Limitada cigars are very easy to recognise, they wear an extra black and gold band indicating the year of release.
For 2017 Cuba announced three new limitadas, the most famous of all of them is the Cohiba Talisman (you can read the review here), then the Punch Regios de Punch and the Partagas Series No.1.

Draw : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Burn : Rating: ★★★½☆☆
Flavour : Rating: ★★★½☆☆
Aroma : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
strength : Rating: ★★★★☆☆

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Cigar Review -Partagas Maduro No2

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Short Delvalle
Size : 102mm X 50
Price : NA – Pre release

During the XXth Habanos Festival held this month in Havana, Habanos S.A. introduced two new vitola to the Maduro line of Partagas. After the big success of the Partagas Maduro No1, here is a review of the Maduro No2, received during the gala diner of the festival.

Draw : Rating: ★★★★☆☆
Burn : Rating: ★★★★★☆
Flavour : Rating: ★★★★½☆
Aroma : Rating: ★★★★★☆
strength : Rating: ★★★★★☆

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Cigar Review – Partagas 8-9-8

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Dalia
Size : 170mm X 43
Price : UK price £22, 13.80 Euros online

This particular cigar takes his name from the way it is boxed. Indeed, the box contain 3 lines of cigars: the bottom and top lines are made of 8 sticks and the central line is made by 9, thus 8-9-8.

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Partagas Seleccion Piramide

Partagas Seleccion Piramide

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Piramide
Size : 156 x 21 mm (6 1/8 x 52)
Price : UK price £20 (£160 for the seleccion of 5), 15.80 Euros online (€79 for seleccion)

I am reviewing this cigar as part of the seleccion as I happen to own the set and see that this and the Romeo are needed to complete the review set on CigarInspector (Cohiba Seleccion Piramide, Hoyo de Monterrey Seleccion Piramide & Montecristo Seleccion Piramide). The other three I have video reviews on my YouTube channel CigarHub.

So I’m sitting here with this rather impressive seleccion box, I mean it’s incredible – the small wooden humidor the set comes in, the smell right as you open the box, the unbelievably beautiful looking cigars you get to see as soon as you take off the wax paper. What’s the first “out of place” thing I notice? This Partagas. It really stands out.

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Partagas Añejado Corona Gorda

Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Corona Gorda
Size : 143 x 20 mm (5.625 x 46)
Released in : 2015
Box Date : OBE – June ’07
Price : I paid $450 for an early box and subsequently seen them priced as low as $340 (under $14/cigar)

This is the 4th in the new Añejados line. As Inspector noted in his review of the HdM Añejados, the Añejados program have all been aged for five to eight years in their original packaging. At that point the packaging is opened and the cigars are checked for quality. Then the original band is placed back on the stogies and a second Añejados band is attached to each. The boxes are stamped with the word “revisado,” which means “checked.” Each Añejados offering is a unique vitola for the particular brand; so, this is the only Partagas currently offered in a coronas gordas vitola.

The Habanos, S.A. press release noted, “Through the aging process, the cigar has developed, becoming rounder and mellower to the palate with touches of delicate and sweetish taste and, above all, obtaining shades of woody taste because of being placed for all those years near the cedar from which the boxes were made.” I’m not sure what boxes the copywriter was looking at, because the Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados comes in a cardboard dress box.

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Partagas Serie C No. 3 (2012 Limited Edition)

Partagas Serie C No. 3 (2012 Limited Edition)

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Grand Corona
Size : 140 x 20 mm (5.5 x 48)
Released in : 2012
Price : ~$20+ each

Partagas is amongst the oldest and most renowned cigar brands in Cuba, dating clear back to 1845. They are known for producing bold cigars, and the Partagas Serie C No. 3, the limited edition for 2012, is no exception to the rule. The tobacco used in the filler, binder and wrapper was aged for two years. This is a very strong cigar; unfortunately I did not find it very flavorful.

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Partagas Serie D No. 6

Partagas Serie D No. 6

Origin : CubaPartagas
Format : Petit Robusto
Size : 90 x 20 mm (3 1/5 x 50)
Released in : 2014
Box code : ELG NOV14
Price : ~$8-10 each

Sometimes big things come in small packages, and Partagas 2014 release of their D series Size #6 is no exception. Don’t let appearances fool you. This midget of a robusto packs plenty of surprises, and all of them good ones. It is a perfect choice if you do not have a ton of time, but want to indulge yourself with a classic habanos cigar. Grab yourself a tasty beverage and sit down for a nice ride to the Caribbean.

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