2 Free Cigars for new CRA members

I just received an e-mail from Brian Berman, the Director of Membership at CRA (Cigar Rights of America). As you probably know, this is a non-profit organization that aims to protect freedom of cigar enthousiasts in the United States. A lot of cigar bloggers, cigar tweeple and well-known cigar manufacturers are members - this is the only nation-wide organization of this scope that I know of.

Starting today, all new members (as well as those who renew their membership) will receive two cigars specially blended for CRA from a range of premium manufacturers including Ashton, Fuente, Rocky Patel and Camacho. You will only need to pay $5 for shipping.

Cigar Rights of America website

Guest Cheap Smoke: Clint’s Cigars

Clint's Cigars

Price : $50 for a box of 30

This is a guest "cheap smoke" review from Anthony Lund. Thank you!

I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice budget smoke recently. Clint's Cigars, a unusual cone shaped smoke with a light rum flavor. This cigar is the perfect quick smoke and at it's low price one you could enjoy every day. They recently were hit by the SCHIP bill and had to double their prices, but it is still worth it at twice the cost. Look them up online at Clint's Cigars, they only have the one cigar.

Thumbs Up!

Update: here is a more in-depth review of the Clints.

Do you like hookah?


When I was approached by HookahLounge.net, I instantly accepted to write a short hookah-related post. As I lived in Dubai for more than 5 years, I have spent countless hours smoking shisha tobacco and thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Hookah, shisha or narghile was first invented in India in the 16th century but today it is widely considered that its origins are in the Middle East (it's not very surprising as this is where it's the most smoked). For those who are not very familiar with the concept, a hookah is a water pipe designed to smoke flavored shisha tobacco. The smoke, descending from the bowl where the tobacco is heated by coal, is then filtered in the water jar. The resulting smoke is very smooth yet dense and you don't feel any resistance as you inhale (unlike cigarettes).

The main reason I like hookah is probably because it's a great way to socialize. We used to get together in a hookah lounge, smoke, chat and play cards - that was a great pastime. I also find that smoking shisha is very relaxing, comparable to enjoying a good cigar. Now, all you have to do is choose one of the hookah flavors (my favorite ones are grape and cherry), pair it up with sweet mint tea and relax.

Do you like hookah? The comment area is all yours.

“Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State” by Joe Jackson

A few days ago, my friend Daize sent me a link to Joe Jackson's (the musician) essay about smoking called "Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State". I just read it and thought I should share it with you.

The article tackles the issues of statistics used by antismoking zealots to back their arguments (it is very hard to actually prove that the lung cancer is directly linked to the smoking, let alone other 'smoking-related diseases'), it explains the hysteria of wide-spreading smoking bans and tells us who are the people behind the movement. Overall, a very well-written and informative article.

You can download the essay from here.

What’s your favorite cigar forum?

There are dozens of cigar-related forums out there and it is impossible to be an active member everywhere. I know that some of you are regular users and I would like to hear your opinion - what is your favorite cigar forum and why?

If I were to answer this question I would probably select Cigar Outcast. If you are looking to promote your own site, it's probably not the best choice (its 300 members are nothing compared to giants), but I really like the fast loading speed and the 'no-frills' attitude. The forum is by invitation only, if you'd like to get an invite let me know in the comments area.

What is your favorite cigar forum and why?

Bloggers who like cigars

Today, I would like to share a few links with you. These are great blogs run by people who enjoy a good cigar but blog about something else, like wine.

Wine by Benito


Benito writes about affordable wine and deliciously-looking food. You can also find a cigar review from time to time.
Visit the site...

Jacob Grier's Blog


Jacob Grier posts about coffee and alcoholic beverages. You should follow his regular updates on smoking bans.
Visit the site...

A Good Time with Wine


A Good Time with Wine is a relatively new wine blog. Matt, who's a hyper-active Twitter user, is a cigar smoker but doesn't post much about cigars (yet! you promised!).
Visit the site...

If you know other bloggers who enjoy sparking up a stogie, share the links in the comments area below.

Your preference sucks!

Today I saw a man buying a country music CD at the mall. “Country music?!?!”, I asked him, with a look of disgust.

Later, a lady at the grocery store was buying cherry Pop-Tarts. I explained to her that the strawberry-flavored Pop Tarts are far superior in every way, and that she definitely needed to make the switch.

Finally, I went to a friend’s house for dinner, but later refused to eat once I found out that he served a brand of ham other than the brand I prefer.

What kind of person acts this way? Unfortunately... Cigar smokers do.

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more acts of snobbery being committed by members of the cigar smoking community online and in my local shops. The comments I’m hearing range from polite to downright insulting, but the underlying message is the same: “your preference sucks.”

For those of us in the United States, 2009 will likely be the toughest, most oppressing year ever, in terms of our ability to enjoy a cigar. The poor economy will make it tough to justify the purchase, and even make it harder for local shops to remain in business. The restrictions on where we can smoke will reduce our opportunity. Upcoming tax increases could put cigars out of our financial reach.

Let’s not make it even tougher on our fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf by insulting their preference. Just like coffee or tea, Coke or Pepsi, people have taste preferences that can never be boiled down to a right or wrong choice. Even the cheapest cigars have a distinct flavor that somebody loves. Even the most expensive and highly rated cigars taste horrible to some people.

The bottom line is that the only person who should tell you what you like is... YOU.

So whether it’s a Montecristo or Macanudo, Acid or Aurora, Fonseca or Fuente, enjoy your cigar, respect your brothers and sisters of the leaf, and have a safe and happy 2009!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In this short message I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This was a great year and I am confident that the next one will be even better despite the current economic situation and smoking bans :) God bless you and your family.

Denis AKA Inspector

PS We've got some cool stuff planned for the next year, stay tuned! Thanks for your continued support.

Photo credit: Toni Blay

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