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A good friend of ours, Sboyajian, has been working on a website that would list cigar-friendly locations across the United States. The project has been released lately as a beta version and I find it good-looking and easy to use. So far, only around 70 locations are available but I'm pretty sure that with time this will become a valuable resource. Since the quality of the site depends on the users' activity, I am inviting you to add your favorite locations in your state.

Click here to be taken to the CigarFriendly.Us website

Top Non-Cuban Cigars of 2009

Tatuaje Noella Reserva 2009

Today we bring you the list of the best smokes of 2009. They are not necessarily released in 2009, it's just the finest among the cigars we smoked this year. This list is a group project, based on opinions of several dozens of aficionados from different cigar forums and Twitter.

  1. Tatuaje Noella Reserva. With its extremely rich flavor profile, this beauty from Pete Johnson tops our 2009 list.
  2. Padron 1926. This great classic is the only blend that was among our top 5 cigars of 2008.
  3. Padron 45. Another Padron, this 2009 release encountered a great success despite its high price.
  4. La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial. Blended for Ashton by DPG, the Edicion Especial is clearly superior to the regular La Aroma de Cuba production.
  5. DPG My Father. This cigar uses Don Pepin's own tobacco and seems to please a lot of aficionados this year.

Runners-up: El Triunfador, Ashton VSG, Padilla Miami.

Flavor and Construction Poll Results

Here are the results of our recent polls:

Construction results

Flavor results

As you can see, we can draw one major conclusion from these numbers: although the majority still thinks that Cuban cigars taste better on average while suffering from construction issues, there are more and more people who say that the quality depends more on the specific producer and not on the country of origin.
I am confident that 5 years ago the results would have been completely different.

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

You are probably aware of the fact that there are loads of different cigar accessories on the market, fitting every cigar budget – from cheap $10 lighters to limited edition humidors that can cost tens of thousands dollars.

When I was contacted by a company dealing in luxury cigar accessories, called Cigar Luxuries, I asked myself what role the accessories played in the smoking experience. Personally, I own a quite expensive cigar lighter (gifted), but my other gear is rather low-end (I’ve got a basic cutter and an ashtray that I got for free at an event). As you can see, I did not invest much in the cigar accessories (I did, however, invest in Riedel wine glasses because they are so classy – I wonder how they compare to the Degustazione wine glasses from Cigar Luxuries, but that’s another story).

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Cigar Luxuries offer high-end cigar accessories and glasses made from 24% lead crystal, designed by renowned Italian specialists and crafted by artisans in Italy. What immediately strikes the eye is their ingenuity – these are not just cigar holders and whisky glasses, they are especially crafted to preserve flavors (the cover in case of the cigar holder) and allow you to hold a cigar and the glass at the same time. I haven’t tried using the glass, but it sure looks cool.

Of course, these gadgets have a certain price tag that will seem excessive to some aficionados. Whereas I would not probably purchase one for myself, I would certainly consider gifting it to a smoking friend or colleague.

What about you?

How important it is for you to own expensive, stylish, beautiful cigar accessories?

Cigar Tweeple List

I love how Twitter comes up with new features lately. Also, there has been less downtime... On the other hand, the spam gets out of control these days and I receive tons of spammy DMs from people who got their accounts hacked (by the way - DON'T click on any links you receive via DMs). I really hope they'll be able to tackle this issue very soon.

As you probably know, we've been building lists of cigar people to follow on Twitter. The bigger the lists get, the more difficult they are to manage and I was happy to discover the new 'lists' feature introduced by Twitter. I went ahead and created one in which I included all the accounts definitely worth following.
You can check it out here.
You can either follow the list or follow all the people in the list.

Enjoy and see you on Twitter!

Poll & Discussion: cigars taste!

According to your experience, is there any significant flavor difference between Cuban and non-Cuban cigars?

  • Yes, Cuban cigars definitely taste better on average. (47%, 82 Votes)
  • It really depends on the particular cigar. No significant difference. (43%, 74 Votes)
  • Yes, non-Cuban cigars definitely taste better on average. (10%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 174

Loading ... Loading ...

After the interesting discussion about cigars construction and quite special results of that poll, I stumbled across a discussion of this post on UK cigar forums. Kingcohiba and other members suggested to run another poll, this time regarding the flavor.

So, which cigars, according to your experience, taste better on average - Cubans or non-Cubans? I understand that this is not a simple question as there are lots of nuances, but I thought it might be interesting to get the rough numbers. Also, it would be fair to give Cuban cigars fans a chance to have a revenge :)

PS For those of you who are reading this post via RSS or e-mail, please click here to visit the post and cast your vote/comment. Thank you.

Cigars Construction Poll Results

Cigars Construction Poll Results

A few weeks ago I asked the following question: is there any overall construction difference between Cuban and non-Cuban cigars? The results are above. As you can see, almost 90% think that either non-Cuban cigars are better constructed or there's no real difference. And only 13% said that Cuban cigars are superior in construction... let's hope that Habanos SA are working on it.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #78 (Oct 24 2009)

Here's what we've got to share with you this Saturday:

El Titan de Bronze Redemption Maduro

Reviewed by Walt at  The Stogie Review

Walt reviews a 2009 IPCPR release, El Titan de Bronze Redemption Maduro.
Read the full review here...

Tatuaje Black CRA Release

Reviewed by Patrick S at  The Stogie Guys

Some time ago, we posted about the special offer from CRA - new members could get limited edition samplers from the most popular manufacturers. Patrick tried the Tatuaje from this sampler and was impressed.
Read the full review here...

New Cigar from Don Pepin Garcia

John Brooke from The Weekly Cigar was lucky enough to talk to Pepin Garcia at a recent event. He was told that a new cigar was about to be made, with only 1.000 boxes released, all the sticks being rolled by Don Pepin Garcia himself. Check out the full article here.

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