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L’Aficion du Havane

Today, I would simply like to write a few words about a club of people passionate about their common hobby – cigars.

L'Aficion du Havane

L’Aficion du Havane was created in 1994 in Nimes (Southern France) and counts 38 as of today. They just get together and enjoy good food, good wine and good cigars, mostly Habanos. Have a look at the picture and you will notice that about 1/3 are women cigar smokers – this is really cool. They’ve already been 3 times to Cuba and it seems like these trips have become a good tradition. Keep it up!
(Many thanks to Guy Buscéma (president of the club) for sending me the information.)

Is there a cigar club in your hometown? Tell us more about it.

Launching a Cigar Websites Directory

A short note to let you know about the new cigar websites directory that can be found at We created it in order to list all the cigar-related websites out there that are worth visiting (for example, we won’t be accepting any “cheap cigarettes” links). If you know or own one, feel free to submit it – it’s absolutely free and no reciprocal link is required (although it will be appreciated).

Survey of Women Cigar Smokers

Heather from Fumee World sent me a press-release about a survey conducted to gain a better understanding of female cigar consumers. It was created and conducted by Cigar Research and The Association for Women Cigar Smokers. There are some interesting facts, such as:

  • Average female smoker smokes roughly one cigar per week
  • Women are indifferent to box, band or label design and prefer purchasing their cigars online
  • When smoking a cigar, women feel “powerful”, “attractive”, “strong”, “fun” and “rebellious”, whereas the vast majority of male smokers feel “peaceful”

You can download the results of the survey here.

Poll: should we cover other topics?

As there have recently been (and there’s more to come) a few wine-related posts on this blog, I would like to have readers’ opinion – should we write about other topics, not directly related to cigars, such as wine (this is something I am particularly interested in) and other drinks (rum, cognac, coffee)?

Please use the poll below and feel free to post your comments in the comments section. Thanks!

Poll - Topics

Cigar Inspector turns 1 year old

Cigar Inspector turns 1 year old

Yes, we published our first cigar review (it was a Bolivar Coronas Gigantes) on the 22nd of July, 2007.

During this year, we’ve done around 150 reviews of both Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. We really enjoy working on this blog and hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks for all your great support. Stay with us!

Reviews coming up

Recently received my order of cigars from the US, I tried to choose those that received some good feedback from cigar bloggers and seem to be quite popular. Here’s what I’ve got:

Please share your thoughts on these sticks, I’ll be taking them into account :)

Buying cigars at Dubai Duty Free

I was really impressed with the cigar shops at the Dubai Duty Free. There are actually two of them, one is simply called ‘Cigars Shop’ (or something like that) and the other one is La Casa del Habano. Lots of cigars to choose from, I even managed to find Punch Black Prince which I believe are discontinued. Unfortunately, sales managers are clueless and are obviously not cigar smokers – so don’t seek for advice, just choose your box. Here’s what I chose:

Punch Punch (code BFI JUN 05, review coming up)
674 AED ~ 183.50 USD ~ 118.30 EUR

Cohiba Siglo IV (code LWI OCT 05)
1052 AED ~ 286.40 USD ~ 184.70 EUR