Everything you need to know about cigar wrappers

Sorry for not posting a review today, we are working on something big that will (hopefully) help you safely purchase cigars online.

Meanwhile, please check out this great post by CigarFan about wrapper issues. This is something that every cigar aficionado has to know.

Cigar News of the Week #2 (Mar 15 2008)

Things that are worth checking out this week:

Gurkha Cigars Interview

Kevin at Cigar-Review.com meets Kaizad Hansotia of Gurkha Cigars. The interview is quite detailed and definitely interesting.
Read the interview here...
Read reviews of Gurkha cigars at Cigar Inspector...

Cigar Blogs by AficionadAs

Today we're making a short list of cigar-related blogs written by women. Make sure you check them out :)
Her Humidor: Only 5 posts so far but the reviews look pretty good and objective.
Damsel's Blog: Covers a lot of topics and is a good source for cigar news.

Fidel Castro stepping down – what’s next?

I believe nobody missed the news. Fidel Castro resigns and Raul is taking his place.

What's important for us aficionados is whether this means that the trade embargo is going to be suspended. Unfortunately, it seems like the Americans will have to wait a little. Although Raul Castro expressed his desire to renew diplomatic relations with the United States, I doubt that there will be talk between him and George W. Bush. Check out some interesting information about Raul Castro. So far, Bush rejected the idea of negotiating with Castro (source).

In my opinion, changes will only happen:
a) After the presidential elections in the US
b) After somebody else took over the power in Cuba

I estimate that the embargo will be lifted in 4 years. What about you?

Cigar News of the Week #1 (Feb 9 2008)

Things that are worth checking out:

Huge Contest at Cigar Jack

Get some amazing Camacho cigars by simply submitting an article.
Enter the contest here...

Kevin's Cigar Blog

When we discover a blog about cigars that we like, we introduce it to our readers. The Box Press looks promising with their recent review of Romeo y Julieta No. 2. Rare are Cuban cigar reviews and we like reading these.
Check out Kevin's cigar blog...

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