Outdoor smoke event in Paley Park, NY

Paley Park

I think this is a great initiative!

William Paley, La Palina Cigars and Cigar Rights of America are hosting a legal outdoor smoke event in counterpoint to the banning of smoking in New York City's public parks.

Samuel Paley Park is a privately owned park, set aside for the enjoyment of the people of New York by my father, William S Paley, founder of CBS. Samuel Paley, epitomized the American Dream by rising from a poor immigrant to a powerful industrialist in twenty years. He was the founder of La Palina Cigars which produced its first cigar in 1896 (review of the recent La Palina Alison here).

We hope that you can attend this event, or at least tell others about it. Let us celebrate personal liberty, self determination and the pursuit of our happiness by sharing a good cigar and observing the 44th Anniversary of the opening of Paley Park, always a smoking friendly oasis in the nanny-city of New York.

Outdoor smoke event in Paley Park, NY

Cigar Release: Zino Platinum Z-Class Series

Zino Platinum Z-Class Series

The Zino Platinum Crown and Scepter series launched in 2003 will be complemented by a third line: The new and modern Zino Platinum Z-Class Series was inspired by motion. It was created to accompany a fast-paced affluent lifestyle, embodying ambition and opulence. The new blend features a Dominican wrapper, accented by a Peruvian binder and Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. These carefully selected, aged tobaccos create a spicy medium-to-full bodied cigar that surpasses the degree of perfection that Zino Platinum smokers demand. The Z-Class Series is complete with four classic formats: The 654 T (5 7/8 x 54 Toro, $12), 550 R (4 7/8 x 50 Robusto, $10), 546 P (5 1/4 x 46 Piramide, $9), 643 C (5 5/8 x 43 Corona, $8). Each shape has its own unique strength, flavor and aroma to allow for pleasure and variety. The power of Z-Class comes from a Dominican wrapper, Peruvian Pelo do Oro Visus binder and Jalapa Especial Ligero, Esteli Ligero, Cuban Seed Ligero, San Vicente Ligero filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras. The packaging continues to be innovative: All formats are packaged in an attractive and modern custom tin of 20 cigars accented with sleek black bands and are available May 2 at select merchants.

Cuban cigar roller going for a new Guinness world record

Cuban cigar roller going for a new Guinness world record

Cuban cigar-roller Jose Castelar Cairo (Cueto), already famous for his four Guinness World Record length cigars (11,04 m, 14,80 m, 20,41 m, and 45,38 m Habanos), will be shooting for a new world record this Monday, April 25th. In the Morro- Cabaña Park in Havana, Cueto will set out to roll a 70 meter-long cigar.

Cueto has over 50 years of experience rolling cigars for well known brand names like Cohiba, La Corona, Briones Montoto, and others. His previous Guinness World Record cigars are on display at the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña in La Triada. Cueto is planning to exhibit his cigars at the 31st International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2011) this May 2nd-7th.

This past year Cueto was nominated to receive the prestigious Premio Habano. Cigar enthusiasts everywhere will surely wish him luck in pursuing his next Guinness World Record!

Joe Chiusano steps down from Cusano

Cusano Cigars

Cusano Cigars, a popular Dominican Republic cigar brand, is undergoing some changes in structure this month. Joe Chiusano has recently resigned from his role of president. Rather than hiring on someone new from outside, management has promoted J.T. Guagliardo and Bill Holliway from within to take over his responsibilities.

Cusano Cigars is owned by Davidoff, which acquired the brand in June of 2009 when it purchased DomRey Cigar, Inc., the company’s then-owner. Following acquisition of Cusano, Mike Chiusano, Joe Chiusano’s brother, was appointed to become the new president of Cusano Cigars. Mike left Cusano in February 2010, only about eight months later. His brother stepped up to fill his shoes, but only for a year. On the first of February, Joe Chiusano announced that he too would be resigning from the company.

Both J.T. Guagliardo and Bill Holliway were heads of marketing and sales divisions for Cusano Cigars before being singled out to act as the new co-presidents. Peter Baenninger, president of Davidoff, says that they have no interest in looking outside the company for somebody new, or selecting a single president to replace Joe. “It’s really a team now … J.T. and Bill will be responsible for the brand.”

National Nestor Miranda Day 2011

National Nestor Miranda Day 2011

Press Release

Miami Cigar & Company is back at it again, always willing to show their gratitude to the cigar smoking community, they have decided to bring back the heralded National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day. On Friday, May 6th, all authorized Nestor Miranda Collection retailers will participate and enjoy all of the perks that only a day named after “The Most Interesting Man In The Cigar Industry” could include.

Similarly to the original holiday, Miami Cigar will be awarding consumers that enter any of the authorized retailers with a Nestor Miranda Collection cigar at no charge. All the smoker has to do is buy a cigar – any cigar, made by any cigar maker. Again, that’s any cigar; made by any cigar maker. The twist to this year’s festivities is that the consumer will have the opportunity to smoke the newest addition to the Nestor Miranda Collection, the Art Deco (5.5 x 54).

The ‘National Nestor Miranda Cigar Day,’ is Miami Cigar & Company’s way of thanking the smokers for their enthusiastic support of the company’s brands for the past twenty-two years, and to reassert Miami Cigar’s commitment to bringing you great cigars in the years to come.

To locate your Authorized Retailer, go to www.miamicigarcompany.com and follow the instructions on the site.

“Finally, the best holiday of the year has returned,” said Nestor Miranda, “I am very excited to once again show our customers and consumers our appreciation for their loyalty and support”.

Tampa Humidor will be the hosting Nestor Miranda for this year’s festivities. 1418 East Bush Blvd, ste. 105 Tampa, FL 33612.

Illinois easing smoking restrictions in lounges/shops?

Illinois easing smoking restrictions in lounges and shops?

Following the news that two bills in Washington State may grant cigar lounges and tobacconists the right to apply for licenses to allow smoking on their premises, we see similar hopeful developments in Illinois.

Illinois House Bill 1310 would allow the state’s liquor boards to issue smoking licenses to cigar lounges and tobacconists, much in the manner that the boards already grant liquor licenses to restaurants and bars. The bill would require that the licensed shops and bars post notices to alert the public that smoking is permitted on their premises. The bill received its original sponsorship from Representatives Anthony DeLuca and Randy Ramey before Representatives Daniel Burke, Robert Rita and Rita Mayfield joined forces with them to support the bill.

The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) has been urging their membership and all the residents of Illinois to contact their senators and representatives asking them to support the bill. IPCPR’s legislative director Chris McCalla is very optimistic about the bill. “Now here’s a piece of tobacco-related legislation that is good for the state, good for business, and good for the economy in general. The smoking ban effectively obliterated cigar bars from the state. This legislation would allow for their welcomed return.”

Smoking is back to Italian civil service

Smoking back to Italian civil service

In the current economic context, all methods are valid to reduce public debt. In Italy, 3 months of research and survey resulted in a new law allowing civil servants to light up a cigar or a cigarette in public institutions - either in their personal offices or with their collegues' consent. According to the Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca (National Institute of Research), this measure will help increase the average working time by 7%, with peaks of over 10% in winter. "When the smoking ban was introduced back in 2005, employees would stay outside longer and multiply smoking breaks, some of them even returning home to smoke a cigar!" says Marcelo Giorgetti, in charge of the study, chewing on a Ramon Allones. This is an interesting way of fighting public debt and we sure hope other countries will follow the example!

2nd Annual Nicaraguan Cigar Festival Announced

2nd Annual Nicaraguan Cigar Festival Announced

The 2nd Annual Nicaraguan Cigar Festival, titled “Sensations of my Country” is scheduled to begin April 5th and conclude on the 8th. The festival will be held in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, and also in Granada, Jalapa and Estelí.

Whether you are in the industry or a cigar enthusiast, you are invited to attend. This festival, held by the Asociacion Nicaraguense del Puro (ANP) celebrates both the excellent cigars manufactured in Nicaragua and also the beautiful country itself. As a participant, you will get the chance to enjoy premium Nicaraguan cigars and also experience the beauty and culture of Managua, Granada, Estelí, Jalapa and the Masaya Volcano National Park first hand.

$600.00 buys you a welcome at the International Airport Augusto C. Sandino, transportation to hotels, cities and events on your route, a welcome cocktail party and much more. You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day and accommodation in Estelí for two nights. ANP will provide you with premium cigars crafted by its members for your enjoyment throughout the Festival as you tour the capital city Granada, the National Park Volcano Masaya and the islands of Nicaragua. You will be admitted free of charge to the Estelí fair and the raffle for judges for the Miss Tobacco 2011 contest. You will enjoy Nicaragua’s finest rum, Flor de Cana, complimentary of ANP, and also be gifted with the ANP Collectors Edition Festival 24 Cigar Box 2011!

You will only need to cover your own airfare and accommodation for two nights in Managua. You can register your participation in the Festival on the event’s website.

Host cigar makers include:

Padron, Plasencia, Rocky Patel, My Father, Oliva, Joya de Nicaragua and others.

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