Fine collectible cigars auctioned off in Geneva

Christies Geneva

2 days ago, a famous private collection of well-aged spirits and cigars was auctioned off at Christie’s auction house in Geneva. You can check out the results of the auction for yourself here. Search for lots 120 to 178 to see the results of the cigar auctions; many of these cigars were auctioned off for a thousand dollars or more per lot. Some of the lots included Cohiba Robustos ($789 for a box of 25) and Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 ($728 for a box of 25). There were also some more exotic items, like Montecristo Robusto Millenium jars.

Unfortunately the auction is already over, so you’ve missed your chance to participate (we’re sorry we didn’t hear about it sooner!), but it’s pretty exciting to see how things panned out just the same. At the same time, I find the prices a bit steep, even for aged cigars. Would you participate in such an auction?

New Australian tobacco law and cigarette packs

New Australian tobacco law requires shock images on packages

Australia’s courts have just upheld a new law that requires tobacco products to be packaged in “plain packaging.” As far as we can tell, this law includes not only cigarettes but also cigars and pipe tobacco. The “plain packaging,” however, is not plain at all. The packages will include shock images of cancerous lungs, gums, and more. These images will be grotesque in nature and will probably scare away a fair number of customers, including people who aren’t even coming into stores to shop for tobacco products!

What will the long term results of this law be? As far as the positives go, hopefully the shock images really will educate the public about the dangers of smoking tobacco, because let’s be honest—those dangers do exist. There are going to be some negatives as well, however. Economically this law will harm a lot of small businesses in Australia, and it’s not going to stop people who are determined to smoke from buying cigarettes or other tobacco products. What it may do is compel those people to turn to other sources for their tobacco products, fueling the black market and harming legitimate businesses in Australia and elsewhere.

People who want to avoid these packages will just turn to the streets to buy tobacco, and who can blame them, especially given that packaging is often part of the appeal of a product? People who want cigars in their original packaging, for example, will no longer be able to buy those cigars from local tobacconists in Australia. They’ll have to turn to black-market cigars, which may not even be the real thing. This will harm cigar companies, including boutique manufacturers who put quality craftsmanship into their products. Should people be apprised of the dangers of tobacco in cigars? Of course—and most cigar smokers already are. These laws are usually aimed at protecting ignorant young people, and while the young people do need to learn what tobacco can do, the fact is that most youngsters who are going to dive into a bad habit are going to buy a cheap pack of cigarettes and not a box of premium cigars.

While this law seems mainly geared toward cigarette smokers, it’s also going to strip the packaging of cigars and pipe tobacco products, rebranding those packages with shock images. Cigar smokers don’t usually smoke a pack of cigars each day, however, and it seems unreasonable that the same law which should rebrand the packages of cigarette companies should also rebrand the packaging of cigar companies. While cigars carry health risks just like cigarettes do, many cigar smokers do not smoke them as a habit; instead they are reserved for special occasions, and collected for their beautiful packaging as well as the artistry in their design.

Right now the FDA is fighting to be able to enforce plain packaging laws in the US for all tobacco products including cigars. If the FDA wins this dispute, similar economic consequences will ensue in America. We’ll have to wait and see how this law unfolds in Australia when it goes into effect, but we’re pretty sure the ramifications will have a major influence on what happens in the US and elsewhere in the world where tobacco products are concerned.

Cigar Release: Davidoff White Edition 2012

Davidoff White Edition 2012

Davidoff is presenting its limited edition in the form of an elegant “White Edition” for the second time. The cigar’s dark wrapper leaf gives the perfect contrast to the white band with classic Davidoff lettering in gold. In addition to the main band, the cigar bears a white band at the foot with a discreet mother-of-pearl inscription “2012”. The special Robusto Gordo format also lends the cigar a harmonious appearance.

A strong and full-bodied taste is the hallmark of the Davidoff “White Edition” 2012. Filler tobaccos from a number of different growing regions in the Dominican Republic were matured over six years before finally being brought together to form this special vintage. Due to the addition of the Piloto binder leaf and choice Dominican Criollo wrapper leaf, smokers will be delighted by the aromatic and complex notes in the finish.

A cigar of such noble character deserves an exceptional packaging to match. The Davidoff “White Edition” 2012 comes in a white enamelled box of which just 8,000 individually numbered specimens will be offered for sale worldwide. The Davidoff “White Edition” 2012 will be available at authorized tobacconists in the US from August 1, 2012.

Davidoff “White Edition” 2012: technical specs

Format: Robusto Gordo
Length: 14.6 cm / 5 ¾”
Diameter: 2.1 cm / RG 52
Wrapper: Dominican Criollo
Binder: Piloto
Filler: Piloto Ligero, Criollo Visus, Olor/Piloto Hybrid Visus, Corojo Visus, San Vicente Ligero (all Dominican Republic)
Price: US$ 21.50 (wooden box of 10)

General Cigar releases at IPCPR 2012

Here are a few videos about new cigar releases from General Cigar at IPCPR 2012:

Macanudo Vintage 2006

La Gloria Cubana Trunk Show


Don Sixto

Cigar Release: Toraño Salutem

Toraño Salutem

Toraño Family Cigar Company is excited to introduce three new releases at the 2012 IPCPR in Orlando. The three new cigars are in addition to, and come on the heels of, the recent successful launch of the Master Maduro.

The first new release is called Salutem. Salutem is packaged in a unique 12 count box. The cigar is dressed in a beautiful Habano Ecuador wrapper, complemented by a binder from Jalapa, Nicaragua and completed with filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Cameroon. While Toraño blends have featured tobacco from Cameroon in the past, this is the first time Cameroon has been a component of the filler, giving Salutem a distinctive, rich cocoa flavor.

Salutem, which is actually a Latin term used when extending a friendly greeting, is a medium bodied, complex blend exhibiting balanced notes of earth, cocoa and spicy pepper with interesting aged cedar and leather flavors present on the long finish. Salutem is inspired by the character and strong will of those who overcome great challenges and adversity. Salutem represents a celebration of life and raises a toast to all those who live life to the fullest.

The Toraño Family also proudly announces the launch of its new LFC line. The LFC is a 4.25 x 60 line extension to four of Toraño’s most popular blends. The family chose the Loyal, Master, Exodus 1959 - 50 Years, and Vault to be featured in this new line. The cigars will be housed in a custom designed Toraño Family display. One display will feature all four brands in the new 4.25 x 60 size.

By popular demand, the Toraño Family has created the 90+ Rated Collection pack which will feature Toraño blends that have garnered a coveted 90+ rating from worldwide cigar publications. This highly rated group of cigars comes in a beautiful cedar pack of 6 x 50 Toros.

“This IPCPR is the most ambitious to date regarding new releases for Toraño. We have been hard at work for many years to offer a diversity of flavors and packaging to our consumers and it’s exciting to get them to the market,” says Charlie Toraño, President of Toraño Family Cigar Company.

Cigar Release: AKA Solace

AKA Solace

AKA Cigars (American Kick Ass Cigars) is once again expanding its line of cigars. In addition to the popular Hybrid and Respect lines, now comes the AKA Solace. This line will be introduced at the upcoming International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association trade show in Orlando on August 2-6, 2012.

The Solace marks the first time AKA Cigars is using Connecticut Wrapper. According to AKA president Jay Lundy, “The Solace is a New Generation Connecticut Cigar that will start with a light white pepper and spice. The Solace develops into an elegant rich and creamy well balanced complex flavor profile of toasted marshmallow, coffee bean, and a pleasant dutch chocolate sweetness. This new masterpiece from AKA is sure to please all mild and medium body smokers, as well as the full body connoisseur.”

Using 4-year aged Ecuador/Connecticut wrapper over 4-year aged Honduran Criollo binder and 4 and 5- year aged Dominican and Honduran fillers, the Solace will come in 7 sizes with a suggested retail prices from $4.75 to $9.25.

The sizes are:

  • “Bliss” Petit Corona (4.5”x 42) with a MSRP of $4.75
  • “Destiny” Corona (6” x 44) and “Serenity” Rothchild (4.5” x 52) with an MSRP of $7.25
  • “Cloud Nine” Robusto (5.5” x 50) with an MSRP of $7.75
  • “7th Heaven” Churchill (7.25” x 50) with an MSRP of $8.25
  • “Peace” Super Toro (6.5” x 54) with an MSRP of $8.75
  • “Elation” Titan (6”x60) with an MSRP of $9.25

Cigar Release: Montecristo Epic Premium Selection’07

Montecristo Epic Premium Selection

Press Release: The task of creating Montecristo Epic was assigned to a special team of our most skilled and accomplished cigar makers – Grupo de Maestros – artisans with centuries of combined experience. It is a true handmade luxury, a masterpiece of complexity and full-bodied smoking pleasure made of the finest aged tobaccos – Vintage 2007.

Every step of the process, from hand selecting the ultra-premium tobaccos to each cigar’s flawless construction is performed with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive devotion. Each cigar is hand inspected and every box includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artisans at every step. That’s what makes the cigar Montecristo. That’s what it makes it Epic.


Wrapper: Select Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Special Selecttion of Vintage Nicaraguan & Dominican Tobaccos
Production Team: Grupo de Maestros
Vintage: 2007
Sizes: Churchill (56X7’’), Toro(52X6’’), Robusto (52X5’’)
Packing: 10 cigars/box
RSP: $15, $14, $13/stick
Launch Date: June 2012

Cigar Release: La Aurora Cien Años

La Aurora

Established in 1903, La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. In 2003, the company celebrated Cien Anos, 100 years in the business. To mark this milestone of great cigars, the Cien Anos was released, a cigar that is still talked about today. The cigar was the #1 rated cigar from the Dominican Republic according to Cigar Aficionado in 2004 and is set to be released again in time for IPCPR.

The cigars feature a silky looking Dominican Corojo wrapper that has been aged 4 years and will be available in:

  • Robusto ($12.00 MSRP; 25 count)
  • Churchill ($14.00 MSRP; 25 count)
  • Belicoso ($16.80 MSRP; 25 count)

These vitolas will be limited in production to 20,000 cigars per size.

In addition to the highly rated original blend, an ultra-limited edition version in a Connecticut Broadleaf will be available. The cigar will be released as part of a package to a select number of retailers and limited to 7,000 cigars.

According to Guillermo Leon, owner of La Aurora cigars, “In my travels the one question that has been constant is the request for Cien Anos. But this time, we wanted to share not only our history, but also a piece of our future and what has yet to come.”

“We are happy to have a cigar back for a limited time; whose original release is still talked about today” added Jason Wood VP of Miami Cigar & Company which handles distribution for La Aurora in the United States. “The addition of the Connecticut Broadleaf will only add to the legend of the Cien Anos”.

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