TobakkoNacht – The Antismoking Endgame

TobakkoNacht - The Antismoking Endgame

“This notice is to inform you that due to a recent change in our apartment policy, you must cease and desist smoking, or vacate the premises within 30 days. We know that you have been living here in our complex for the past fifteen years, and you are a valuable resident. Unfortunately, our tenants have complained, and there is nothing we can do.”

How many times have you received a notice like that? Or been told that you cannot hold a job because you smoke, or even that you will lose a relationship if you do not decide to give up your cigars, cigarettes, or pipe? Any cigar aficionado has gone through an experience like this at least once, if not numerous times. Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it is more or less a guarantee that it will eventually.

It’s important to be free to choose the lifestyle that we want. Over the years, tobacco smokers have seen their rights systematically stripped away or threatened. Usually when policymakers bring up a new tobacco law, they cite health concerns as the basis. Friends, family members, landlords, and employers typically do the same. Have you ever wondered about where those statistics come from and what they mean?

Michael McFadden is a graduate of the statistics and propaganda analysis program offered by the University of Pennsylvania. Since graduating, he has worked to promote social change through peaceful activism. He is well known for a previous publication, Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains. His new book, TobakkoNacht (available Amazon), further dissects the statistics which are promoted as facts by antismoking campaigners.

Here are some examples:

One type of statistical aberration McFadden talks about is the “almost zero” logical fallacy. Many statistics about smoking involve comparisons between environments with toxins from cigarette smoke and environments without them. A study may show that there is “53 times as much of the toxin” in the smoking environment, which then frightens the reader. But if the non-smoking environment contains almost zero of that substance, 53 times that amount is still very, very little, and may even be within a safe range.

Tobakkonacht by Michael McFaddenAnother great example is an antismoking study conducted by Dr. Nogueira-Filo et al. called “Low- and High-Yield Cigarette Smoke Potentiates Bone Loss During Ligature Induced Periodontitis.” This study was cited repeatedly by anti-smoking campaigners as a basis for stating that gum disease is caused by secondhand smoke in any amount. What the campaigners failed to mention was that the study was conducted on rats, and that the rats were repeatedly placed in a single cubic foot of space while smoke from cigarettes was pumped in three times a day. This is equivalent to burning almost a thousand cigarettes in a phone booth measuring eighty cubic feet. To top it off, the scientists had torn abrasions in the rats’ gums. The gums were struggling to heal while the rats were subjected to the repeated torture, after which they were put down and dissected. Not only is this an absurd comparison to a standard “smoking environment,” but are these really the kinds of people you want lecturing you on health or morality?

All of this isn’t to say that smoking tobacco has no effect on your health, or that secondhand smoke has no effect either. But you should do your own research and understand where statistics come from before you put your faith in them. The fact is, a lot of what is out there (from both sides unfortunately) is misinformation. It is politically and economically motivated, and smoking is just the beginning. What’s next? Soda? Meat? It may sound paranoid, but take a look at an ingredients list on a food package sometime and start trying to understand what does and doesn’t go into the food you eat and the beverages you drink. It’s shockingly challenging.

Misinformation is rampant in modern life; that might be one of the only facts which is easy to distinguish. Moderation is a good thing when it comes to any personal habit—too much soda isn’t good for anyone, and neither is too much tobacco. But most smokers aren’t shutting themselves up in telephone booths with thousands of burning cigarettes. And if you’re a cigar smoker who simply enjoys an artfully crafted stogie now and again, you owe it to yourself to understand the health risks your habits do and do not impose based on the information which is actually out there. TobakkoNacht is a good start, and once you’ve read it, you’ll be ready to participate intelligently and thoughtfully in any debate about the effects of tobacco.

Quick links: you can find some excerpts on the official website, or purchase the book from Amazon ($27.95)

Perfecto Cigar Holder – Review & Giveaway

Perfecto Cigar Holder

Recently I tried out a product called the Perfecto Cigar Holder. Many thanks to Gary for sending me this tool for review - he is also willing to provide three cigar holders to give away to our readers - read on for details!

Perfecto Cigar Holder is exactly what it sounds like—a product designed to hold a cigar when you are out and about and are not in a location with an ashtray or another good place to set down your cigar. Think of it as a portable ashtray. The device itself has a resting place for the cigar, a tube for catching ash, and a C-clamp. The idea with the C-clamp is that you can use it to clamp the device onto any surface (a railing for example). So even if you don’t have a table, you can still set your cigar down.

How did it perform? It’s well constructed, but a bit bulky. Despite being bulky, it is lightweight, which is great, and appears to be made with materials that can withstand contact with concrete and other harsh materials without scratching or getting damaged. The nylon it's made out of can withstand temperatures up to 520 degrees F / 271 C, so there are no melting concerns. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing device, and it looks a bit awkward, but it has a lot of utility.

Perfecto Cigar Holder

How useful the Perfecto Cigar Holder is will depend largely on what you want to do with it. For example, it is not very useful in the car, since there is no surface which can accommodate it. But it’s perfect for clamping onto a picnic table, and apparently it will fit most golf carts. I don’t golf, so I can’t attest to that, but I can definitely see where it’d be a great application, and it would be useful if you were out in the park with your laptop working on a bench for example (I noticed that I placed the cigar "ash out" in the picture above. It's not the way you're normally supposed to do it). So, all in all, a useful product. I recommend looking up its dimensions and deciding whether or not it will benefit you. Think about what surfaces you would want to attach it to and where and when you would be using it to decide if it would be a good purchase, either from the official website or from Amazon.

As I said in the beginning of this post, we've got three Perfecto Cigar Holders to give away to our readers, you just need to leave a comment below to be entered in the draw. The winner will be announced in one week. Good luck!

Screwpop Cigar Punch Review (and giveaway!)

Screwpop Cigar Punch

I have recently received a new cigar gadget called Screwpop and, after a few weeks of using it on regular basis, I thought it was time to post a quick review (and, as the title says, we've got a giveaway - read on!).

Screwpop is a cigar punch and a bottle opener. It is described by Screwpop Tool LLC, the company that retails this and other handy tools, as follows:

This durable cigar punch is equipped with a sharp, stainless steel insert for neat-and-easy cutting, threaded screw cap and lightweight aluminum body. The punch can be clipped to belt loops, straps, key rings, in the eyelets of zippers — and just about everywhere else.

ScrewpopScrewpop feels solid and works as advertised - the blade is sharp and makes flawless punch cuts. It's a bit large since it's targeted at the American market, so you might find the cut too wide for your petit corona. The bottle opener is also easy to use once you figure out the way you should hold the tool (I admit I needed a second look). The fact that you can clip it to your belt loop or key ring really helps.

Screwpop Cigar Punch is currently available at $7.95 from Cigars International. Courtesy of Screwpop Tool, we're giving away three of these accessories to our readers! In order to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. Feel free to tell us about your favorite cigar accessory.

The winners will be randomly selected in one week. The contest is open internationally.

Pin-Up Cigar Posters

While looking for a cigar poster featuring different vitolas (anybody knows a good source for one?), I stumbled upon a collection of cigar artworks done in the pin-up style which I found pretty cool to use in a cigar room / lounge. You can get them on eBay.

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Cigar poster, pin-up style

Click here for the full selection. And, while you're at it, check out our selection of famous female cigar smokers.

“The Cigar Lover’s Compendium”: review & giveaway

Cigar Lover's Compendium

While reading is one of my favorite hobbies, cigar study has never really driven me to the realm of books. The majority of information I have learned has come from word of mouth or experiences, verification of information online and other electronic research. When Cigar Inspector approached me to review a newly released book I jumped at the opportunity to explore a new (to me) avenue of learning in the hopes that I might not only be able to learn something myself but also convince those less inclined to read that it can be fun if you choose the right content. The vehicle for accomplishing this is Lawrence Dofman's book The Cigar Lover's Compendium : Everything You Need to Light Up and Leave Me Alone.

In order to understand the purpose of this book, the reader need only look as far as the title. A compendium is a summary of a larger knowledge base that while to the point, still offers a certain amount of depth. Based on this descriptive title I would expect the book to cover the gamut when it comes to cigar information including the historical progression of tobacco, information about the various types of cigars, selecting and smoking them and pretty much the highlights from each vital area of the cigar world, which so many of us have come to enjoy.

Dorfman does a very good job at staying true to the focus of his book and that is to provide the reader with a portable reference guide and means of entertainment. He does not distribute five hundred pages on the American and Cuban Tobacco industries but touches on the key elements contributing to their differing pasts. Additionally, the author does a very good job of walking the reader through the entire smoking process beginning with locating a cigar, followed by selection, cutting, lighting and finally enjoying the experience. He does this without attempting to cover thousands of brands, vitolas, or blends. His down to earth attitude and straightforward approach serve to cut through the mystique of cigar smoking making for a very approachable read.

On the whole The Cigar Lover's Compendium (available from Amazon) is a very good basic reference guide. It will not exhaust a single topic but again, that is not its purpose. A person who is new to the hobby or has not thought about the cigar experience byond just the smoking of a cigar will benefit from the book greatly. Although I would not suggest someone who has been around the proverbial cigar block make this their must-read, there are enough poems, anecdotes and random factoids to interest even the most experienced aficionado. Personally, I enjoyed the read and it has sparked interest in areas that I will research more indepth but having completed it, will likely pass my copy onto a friend or acquantaince to enjoy further, rather than keeping it around to continually utilize.

Now for the fun part - courtesy of Robert Sembiante from Globe Pequot Press, we've got 6 copies of The Cigar Lover's Compendium to give away. That's right, SIX copies. Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. US only. The winners will be chosen at random and announced in one week.

Playboy : The Book of Cigars

Playboy - the book of cigars

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Playboy: The Book of Cigars – the new edition. This edition was updated featuring brand new pictures and text. The pictures are some of the best I’ve seen. It’s written by Aaron Sigmund and Nick Kolakowski (Smoke Magazine).

There is a wealth of information for the novice and the seasoned aficionado.

You can learn everything from seed to cigar, from common sizes, wrapper types and growing regions. It’s elegant and sophisticated.

Plus there’s a few pictures of pretty women with cigars thrown in for good measure :) Pick one up today!

Playboy - the book of cigars

Carlito’s Stogie Nubber

Stogie Nubber

Opening the package I was startled. The Stogie Nubber was a bit larger than I expected. Standing it on the table, I understood why. A wide base makes for a stable holder. Everything about this thing seems well thought out. Looking at it, it resembles the nose cone of a rocket. The design of it makes you think it is more fitting for some piece of space age equipment, than for a cigar accessory. I unscrew the top, it is a nice smooth action, and reveal the spike. The spike is nicely integrated with the whole of the unit, and lined with sharp ridges. The entire Nubber has a solid heavy feel in my hand, but rests very comfortably in my grip. I carefully spike my nub and the spike goes in smoothly, no tearing of the wrapper. Holding the Nubber feels very natural, no discomfort at all. Setting it on the table it sits stably, the only oddness being that the wind makes the cigar spin like a propeller. I finish my cigar, the Nubber never heats up in the least and holds the cigar perfectly. Putting the edge of the cigar on the ashtray I give a quick tug, and the nub pops off the Nubber easily.

This is a great addition to anyone’s cigar kit. Beautifully machined, nicely designed, and does exactly what is advertised.

The Ci-Garage

After a long hiatus I have returned. My travails have kept me away from the cigar world for far too long. So, to celebrate I have a brand new accessory review for today. With father's day coming up now is the time to look over accessories and find that perfect item for the cigar fan who has everything.


The ci-garage is a a fascinating device I found while randomly cruising the Internet. I happened upon and felt it absolutely necessary to contact the creator and order one of these babies.

After an unexpectedly quick delivery I was able to test this out and here are my impressions.

First, the Ci-Garage is extremely well constructed. It arrives in a nice black box with red lining and is presented as a gift item. I opened it, bent it a bit and tried to stress the hinges a little. It seems very durable. Inside the box is a slot for a cigar (corona fits best, but some robustos also fit), a box of matches, a magnetically attached cutter, and an ashtray.

The cutter is a single guillotine, with a somewhat odd design. At first, it’s a little difficult to manage, but gets easier with time. The matches are a nice addition and can be replaced with your favorite wooden matches. The ashtray seems a bit small, but after smoking a complete 6 x 50 and using the ashtray I found it was able to hold the entire ash down to the nub.

I also tested the heat resistance of the ci-garage by placing a lit half smoked cigar in it and closing it for 15 minutes. The case got warm, but not overly hot, no signs of melting, and the cigar lit and tasted as fresh as when it was dropped in.

My final opinion? This is a well constructed accessory that could be handy for many cigar smokers. It fits in the pocket about the same as a three finger case and sits very stably on a vehicle dash or desk. It’s a great all-in-one solution for the cigar smoker as long as you aren’t using a larger ring gauge cigar. I would recommend this as a great father's day gift. Just make sure you put a nice quality stick in it or you are going to have to deal with the sad puppy dog look on your fathers face when he sees it’s empty.

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