Bucanero Don Douglas Cabinet Churchill

Bucanero Don Douglas

Origin : NicaraguaBucanero
Format : Churchill
Size : 6 7/8 X 48
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler : Dominican, Nicaraguan
Binder : Dominican (Aged 3 years)
Price : $47.95 (Pack of 10)
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Bucanero Cigars is a family-owned company that sells their cigars directly on their website (www.bucanerocigars.com). Robert Spoden does not make use of a sales force, and, other than their website, Bucanero does not advertise anywhere which results in quality cigars which are extremely affordable.

Bucanero Cigars is known as the "best of the best" in limited production cigar manufacturing awarded as such in 1999 as the Top 5 Limited Production Cigar Manufacture of the 20th Century Worldwide. Out of 774 cigar manufactures worldwide, the Cigar Industry Review Panel (1999) selected Bucanero Cigars as "Best of the Best" in limited production cigars [information from the Bucanero Cigar website].

This review features the Bucanero Don Douglas Cabinet Series Churchill. This cigar was rated “Excellent” in Smoke Magazine.

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