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  1. Ismael
    July 5, 2011

    Good review, I’m smoking it now for the first time and I’m almost at the second third. It’s great and I hope the other thirds are great too.



  2. Waldo
    February 10, 2012

    Liked your review and like this cigar. Am smoking one now and find it as you have described. Have also chosen a warmer day in February (although that means about 35 degrees – am in Ottawa) but the smoke is great. It burns well and straight with lots of smoke which I like. Not too many days in winter for me but when I can, I enjoy this cigar. Thanks for your review.


  3. The Cap’n
    February 14, 2012

    Thank you very much for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the cigar, its a great casual smoke. Canada is beautiful, Ive made port on the west coast and driven through parts of central and eastern but never been to Ottawa. Don’t sit outside too long…


  4. The Cigar Spy
    December 23, 2012

    My Review of the Gran Toro

    The Casa Magna is a good-looking cigar. It has a beautiful dark small oily wrapper with little black details which kind of reminds me of the way the Illusione wrapper looks. The band is pretty nice too and if you cant tell by the constant change of logo’s at The Cigar Spy, I love design and appreciate good art when I see one. And this band, I like. Of course, the band is no Padron 80th (hahaha, oops didn’t mean to compare it to the Pardon 80th) but I really like the “vintage” look it has going.

    Besides its great looks, this is one pretty big cigar. It’s pretty long in length and it has a 56-inch ring gauge. And with tobacco from one of the strongest part of Nicaragua, I am hoping it’s not a powerhouse cigar with no flavor. But I don’t think Cigar Aficionado would make a cigar like that the #1 cigar of the year. Well, unless they buy the big ad spot on there magazine. (I didn’t say that ….. no , yes u did.)

    The flavors on this cigar are extremely boring. All you get are flavors of black pepper and white pepper through out the entire cigar. The finish is nice and smooth, but there’s no flavor behind it. In other words, it’s not a cigar that leaves that beautiful aftertaste from a rich cigar after you blow out the smoke. It was just plain, dull and no long flavor finish. As you get far down the middle, you still get plenty of black pepper and nothing else. Once in awhile after the half way mark I got a little coffee like flavors, but it was probably coming from the Coffee I started drinking to get this black pepper taste out of my mouth. The Casa Magna lacks tremendously in flavor and I didn’t bother smoking the last third.

    As boring as this cigar is, it does burn well and is well constructed. The draw was a little on the loose side, but it didn’t affect the burn, so its okay. There’s plenty of smoke in the air, but lacks in aroma. All in all, it looks like a cigar, but doesn’t taste like a good one.

    I still don’t understand how this cigar is #1 over at Cigar Aficionado. I guess it’s another reason why we don’t follow them anymore and don’t respect them like we use to. If this cigar is #1 because it’s a $5 cigar and Cigar Aficionado wanted to play the “economical card”. Here’s my advice to you, save a dollar and go get a Padron 2000. Its 100x’s better than the Casa Magna and way more “economical”.


  5. Bloch-Head
    August 14, 2013

    Just finished smoking this stick for the first time. I bought it last week due to the generous rating it received by CA. The wrapper, although not very oily and almost dry looking did have that nice Rosado Colorado shade. The pre-light aroma was definitely reminiscent of some nice strong Nicaraguan Tobacco which is just my style. And upon lighting it I found that it was in fact strong. Too strong! From beginning to end this cigar was extremely bitter(Perhaps the tobacco was a bit young). I found it hard to withstand and could not distinguish any particular flavors in this cigar other than a light sort of barnyard flavor. By the time I reached the final third I had decided that I’d endured enough torture and put it to rest.
    Again I’d like to point out that my review is based off of my one experience with this particular cigar. And I am by no means an expert. But I am a fair man and the fact that this stogie is very affordable means I will give it another shot without sweating the price tag. ROUND TWO!


  6. DimensionalVortex
    January 19, 2014

    This Cigar is so well made that even if you didnt smoke all the way and wanted to smoke it later, left it in the car, in a open air with no humidor or seal package of any kind, leave it there for hrs and hrs, light it back up, taste good as a new magna and I am kiddin’ you all not.

    If you love this Cigar, you should try:

    Nicaraguan Cigar:

    Perdomo Reserve, Cabinet lid series, Champagne noir cigar, Excellent, Excellent cigar, even perhaps better then the one mentioned previously, I havent had a manga in quite some time so I have to try it once again to see which one is better for me, but for this article, hands down, top notch cigar, very smooth and rich, if you all love to inhale, this cigar, you should not look any further.



  7. Paul
    March 23, 2014

    Well I have been smoking cigars throughout my entire my military carrier 20 yrs, today base on all ur reviews and coments
    I just went out and bought a box of Colorado I am not a master at reviewing cigars but I do have a good palad so I promise to all of u out there that love cigars and good scotch as I well do ,I Will post my opinion on this cigar, they look good in the box…


  8. Kyle
    August 27, 2014

    I had the same experience as Bloch-head. Very strong, bitter. I did find the draw to be loose and the burn even. I will try another just for the experience but I had to put this cigar down after only smoking 1/3- it was terrible. Maybe I’m just spoiled since i’ve been smoking some great cubans lately but in all honesty I would have preferred a gas station cigar to this casa magna.


  9. David
    August 31, 2014

    I smoked this stick based on the rating from CA and was really expecting something special, but after smoking 2/3rds of the stick and really not getting much flavor I did a search for some reviews to see if my taste buds died overnight. My experience mirrored yours exactly, so I’m glad for the conformation. There are some very flavorful cigars at the $7 price point I paid for the casa magna, RoMa craft and Headley Grange come top of mind. Like you I have no idea how this was a top pick from CA unless they spent a ton of money advertising in their rag that year.


  10. Wilf1
    February 24, 2015

    This is the smooothest Full Bodied Cigar I have smoked.


  11. Erik
    June 15, 2015

    when it 1st came out I thought that it was a real good cigar, I don’t know about it being rated being the No. 1 rated cigar at least not in my eyes but nonetheless it was a damn good smoke, now I think it’s no better than some of the noname bundle sticks that I smoke every now and then but I will say that the construction and burn is still real good like it’s always been so with that being said I wouldn’t pay over $ 5.00 bucks for this stick.


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