Carlos Torano Virtuoso

Carlos Torano Virtuoso

Origin : Honduras
Torano cigarsFormat : Toro
Size : 6 x 50
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Sun Grown, Pueblo Nuevo
Filler : Nicaragua/Honduras/Panama
Binder : Honduras
Price : $6-7 each
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The Carlos Torano Virtuoso Toro is not a size I found on the website’s list of sizes, I think it’s unique to the sampler I received from CAO/Torano (thanks again guys!).

The Virtuoso is one of Torano’s newer lines and is certainly billed as their strongest (next in line would probably would be the Noventa).

This Toro is a meaty, beefy looking cigar. It’s dark, the wrapper is thick with some veins, it just looks like a bully of a cigar.

I punched the cigar, and the pre-light draw gave me no indication there would be any draw problems. The cigar takes a little bit to light, and the burn sometimes get a little off, but not too bad.

Not only does the cigar look meaty but it kind of tastes meaty. There is a flavor in this smoke that’s reminiscent of a char-broiled hamburger. It’s also a very rich cigar that is earthy and peppery.

The strength is present in some of the pepper notes but there is also a “ninja strength”, one that is not so in your face, but you feel it!

In the latter half the burn really fixes itself and is dead even and the cigar gives off tons of smoke.

This cigar is certainly not for everyone. It reminds me a lot of a Joya de Nicaragua Antano with a bit more flavor.

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2 Comments on “Carlos Torano Virtuoso”

  1. When the Virtuoso line first came out I really enjoyed them. It seems to me like something has changed in the subsequent years from its initial release. Either that or I have really bad luck because the last 3 times I have smoked one (singles that I picked up here and there) they have been bitter and metallic. The good one I’ve had were really good smokes though. I think meaty is a good choice of words for it. You feel like you’ve eaten a steak afterward.

  2. John Werner says:

    I’m smoking one now. It does have a bitter element which hits pretty often early on. It is pretty bold, the bitter is on the inhale when it appears, strangely not so on exhaling which is really a pleasant spicy, slightly salty (meaty?), cedar. This cigar positions itself as a top-shelf stick and the ones I recently got have all been rather soft for a primo type stick. As a result it can burn on the quick side as well as effortlessly move a huge amount of smoke. I think it’s best to huff lightly here and enjoy that nice exhale. These need either a blend, or a fermentation adjustment to eliminate the occasional bitter component and enough with the spongy roll as Tarano is fully capable of some finely rolled sticks.

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