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  1. Edward Lewandowski
    July 21, 2016

    My experience was pretty much the same as yours.
    I read a great review in CA and was excited as I too
    really wanted to like them. What a disappointment.
    The tight draw and poor construction add up to a
    “will not buy again” stick.


  2. pwish
    November 4, 2016

    My nephew and I just had the opportunity to try the CAO flathead V660 after a great steak at Club Macanudo in NYC. First time for us with this cigar, and I have to say, our experience was completely opposite from yours. The cigar was great, packed with flavor, from first draw to last. Draw was very easy. The burn on both our cigars was perfectly even, holding some of the longest ash I’ve experienced. It was also one of the longest smokes I’ve experienced. Ordered a box of 24 the minute I got home. It is currently on my personal top 10 list! You will be missing out on a great cigar if you don’t give it another try.


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