Cheap Smoke: CAO La Traviata Favorito

CAO La Traviata Favorito

Origin : Nicaragua
CAO CigarsFormat : Torpedo
Size : 5.5 x 52
Wrapper : Colorado Brown Ecuadorian
Filler : Nicaraguan / Dominican
Binder : Cameroon
Price : $105+ for a box of 24

The CAO La Traviata Favorito is a torpedo which was crafted to hearken back to the flavors of 19th century cigars. It features a Cameroon binder, Nicaraguan and Dominican filler, and a medium brown Ecuador Habano wrapper. Measuring 5 ½” with a 52 ring gauge, it is an oily cigar with a solid construction which offers an excellent draw, smooth burn, and tight ash. This cigar produces a lot of thick, aromatic smoke.

The flavors in the CAO La Traviata Favorito are mostly woodsy with some spicy overtones, and don’t morph a whole lot over the course of the smoke. There are some creamy moments in the middle, and a hint of floral sweetness near the end which add complexity. This is definitely an intense cigar which packs an almost full bodied experience, and at the modest price of under $5 USD each if bought by box, these are quite a good deal right now!

Thumbs Up!

5 Comments on “Cheap Smoke: CAO La Traviata Favorito”

  1. I’ve smoked the La Traviata Maduro quite a few times but have only once smoked the original La Traviata once. I’m gonna have to revisit this one soon.

  2. You are going to be hard pressed to find a better cigar in it’s price range and it holds up to most that cost more. One of my go to cigars when I go to the cigar shop.

  3. Yellowgrip says:

    This (and the maduro) is mij favorite go to cigar at the moment. I love the creamy feel it leaves on the inside of my mouth.

  4. Great review! I have only had one of these so far, but was blown away. Great cigar and great price point. I am looking forward to getting more soon!

  5. Jaime Amador says:

    La Traviata Favorito is my go to cigar. Smooth and good to the end. I end up burning myself trying to get every enjoyable part of this cigar. Find it hard to find at times as its sold out many times. A secret good one!

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