CAO Sopranos “Soldier”

CAO Sopranos Soldier

Photo credit: The Cigar Nut

Origin : NicaraguaCAO Sopranos
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 54
Wrapper : Brazilian Maduro
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Dominican, Columbian, & Nicaraguan
Price : ~$14 each

The Boss asked me one day through our regular communique via Twitter if I was interested in tracking down the CAO Sopranos “Soldier”. I gladly jumped at the chance to review this target. CAO was the first brand of cigars I started smoking with regularity (the particular cigar I started with is quite popular – it’s the Brazilia), so I was eager to attain this cigar and give it my full attention.

Giving the cigar a thorough examination, I did find a spot or two where the wrapper was just starting to move away from the cigar itself. The cigar itself felt tighter packed than others I have had in the past. The slightly veiny, almost dry looking wrapper really complimented the two-part red and black minimalistic, yet stylish band.

Using a punch and a butane lighter, I was immediately greeted with an easy draw, accompanied with woody and sweet tones. A hint of subdued sugarcane comes to mind if I was to try and describe the sweet notes. Thick white smoke was the end result from the effortless draw. After 20 minutes of smoking the cigar, I felt a little disappointed; this was a cigar that was made for a series about modern-day gangsters and I didn’t find it to be anywhere close to full-bodied. My surprise with this cigar would come in due time.

As with other CAO cigars I have smoked in the past, I did find that this one did burn just a bit unevenly. Nothing to deter the process but it was noted.

It was about the 75 minute mark where suddenly, the hidden full-bodied flavors of the cigar came out to greet me. Now here was the cigar fit for the mob! The initial sweetness subsided, leaving me with a heartier woody flavor. Even the smoke felt a little thicker while it hung throughout the room. After two hours, the cigar finished with all of its potency intact.

Recommendations: I truly enjoyed this incredibly deceptive cigar. However, the only thing I did not enjoy about it was the price. In my opinion, it is simply too much to spend, even for this cigar. I can certainly understand the branding involved in the collaboration with the Sopranos. It truly is an honor to have a cigar associated with a series of that caliber. But until I am making money on the level of Tony Soprano (legitimately), this is one cigar that will not be visiting my humidor anytime soon.