CAO LX2 Robusto

CAO LX2 Robusto

Origin : Nicaragua
CAO CigarsFormat : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan Pueblo Nuevo / Dominican
Binder : Honduran
Price : ~$6-8 each

My name is Agent 3. My mission was to review the CAO LX2. As an asset of The Cigar Spy agency I promise to respect the A.S.H.E.S. code of honor.

Background Info

In 2008 CAO released their final “X2” series dubbed the LX2 (ligero times two). This beast was made in Nicaragua with a sun grown wrapper, stuffed with Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan ligero fillers, and a Honduran binder.

Mission Notes

I love full-bodied smokes, especially this one. You can just tell this one is going to kick your as$ from the second it touches your lips.

The wrapper is veiny and dark, a very solid build, without any construction flaws – it screams “Smoke me. I dare you”.

On first draw you get a nice chocolate woody taste and an aroma that validates why you are a cigar smoker. The earthy, cherry-ish, woody flavor is truly an amazing combination that to me, tastes like your smoking a Dr. Pepper.

I felt the burn was very smooth and even and had a very good draw with a white and creamy (uhh… shut up) ash. Unlike most cigars, this ash only lasted about 1/4 of an inch and fell off in my Macbook’s keyboard.

I tell ya what… for a $6 smoke these are very good. I love the kick I get with them and the aroma they give off. My fiance normally hates cigar smoke but she likes the way these smell. So if she likes them, surely you will. Go get one.

Photo credit: jiveturkey0112

One Comment on “CAO LX2 Robusto”

  1. I liked the flavours and aroma of this stick. Mine was a newer version from an CAO Dark & Stormy sampler. The draw was a tad too tight, not impossible, but did affect the enjoyment of the LX2 Robusto.

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