CAO La Traviata Radiante

CAO La Traviata

Origin : Nicaragua
CAO CigarsFormat : Toro (Radiante)
Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : Colorado Brown Ecuadorian
Filler : Nicaraguan / Dominican
Binder : Cameroon
Price : $5.65 each
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Tim Ozgener produces another great smoke in the CAO line of cigars. La Traviata was announced at this year’s International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) meeting in New Orleans. The cigar comes in three vitolas: Divino (5 in. x 50); Intrépido (7 in. x 54); and today’s featured cigar, the Radiante (6 in. x 52). The band is very elaborate with raised lettering and art work. Great thought did go into the design and production of this very colorful cigar. This is a highly sought after cigar, and Ozgener has definitely produced a great smoke that will appease all cigar smoker.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
The color of the wrapper is medium-brown (Colorado). The cigar does have a very nice oily sheen, and no soft or hard spots were identified. Out of the cellophane wrapper, it looks like a beautiful cigar with a well-designed band. The wrapper had an earthy and chocolately notes to it. The foot of the cigar had a hay smell to it.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★½
This looks like a very well-constructed cigar. It shows a few veins running the length of the cigar. The Radiante looks like it is single-capped. The La Traviata had a nice oily sheen to it. Before lighting the cigar, the draw was very smooth.

The cigar featured abundant smoke that rises very quickly.

The ash was dark-grey and very tight. It went about 1.25 in. before being tapped off. The burn was a bit uneven, but no major issues were experienced.

The band came off the cigar without any difficulties.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★★
The cigar was cut using a Palio cutter. On pre-light, the cigar tasted chocolately. Upon lighting it up, a leathery and slightly spicy flavor dominated the cigar. The second half of the cigar featured more woody notes (cedar or oak).

The finish was short compared to other CAO cigars, but very pleasant. The flavors throughout the cigar were very balanced which made it for a very nice smoking experience.

Value : Rating: ★★★★★
I was surprised on how affordable this cigar is. I was able to find this at my local cigar shop for $5.65/stick. This is an incredible price for a great quality smoke. At this price, it can easily become a daily smoke. The CAO La Traviata Radiante is definitely one that I will buy frequently.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★★
For anyone looking for a medium body/full flavor cigar, this is absolutely a high quality smoke at an affordable price. Every cigar smoker should try the La Traviata line as I am confident that everyone will have a wonderful cigar smoking experience. If I was casting a vote for “Cigar of the Year.” I would have to say that this one has my vote. I would highly recommend this cigar, especially when paired with either a Bourbon or a fruity single malt Scotch whisky. I am looking forward to trying the Divino and the Intrépido sizes.

14 Comments on “CAO La Traviata Radiante”

  1. Nice review! I’ll be looking for this purely on the kudos you give it. Medium body but full flavour is rare. Thankyou.

  2. Nice — CAO seems to make lots of good stuff

  3. Nice review and high praise. I have two resting in my humi which I haven’t gotten to yet. Luckily for me my local B&M stocks them.

  4. Thanks everyone for the great feedback. This cigar is definitely a winner, and everyone will definitely enjoy it.


  5. This might be something to hand out at the Christmas party, oh, yes!

  6. I have been taking pictures of cigars for the past few weeks and I honestly have not seen a cigar lately as well-constructed and with such a smooth wrapper in quite some time. This is really a well-made cigar. I’m very surprised you gave it 4.5 stars on construction as I think its one of the best qualities of the cigar. Just my thoughts –


  7. Tex-

    The only flaw I found with the cigar was an uneven burn which was fixed by rotating the cigar. This caused the 4.5 rather than a perfect 5. Other than that, I completely agree with you; this is one of the best constructed cigars I have seen.


  8. It’s built like an oliva V in many ways, but the burn is not as even as an oliva V, in my opinion and experience. Nevertheless a great cigar and a great price point.

  9. Bageland2000 says:

    Just got this today for only $4.50! The tobacconist at 8 to 8 cigars in Villa Park, IL suggested it and wow! what a cigar. Gonna have to buy more…

  10. paulypatel says:

    When you’re right you’re right ! La Traviata is a beautiful cigar and a very tastey one also. One thing you nailed was the value. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this cigar for how cheap it is. I know a few people who made this their everyday smoke. I surely think the La Traviata earned a spot in my weekly rotation.

  11. hello guys,
    I’m very curious if anyone tried la traviata intrepido yet? 54 ring gauge sounds very very appealing. I’ll go for a box but could not decide to move on with radiente or intrepido.
    I’d be glad to hear your comments.

  12. Bronx7 –

    I have not tried the larger cigar yet. I will soon thought. I do not think you can go wrong with either one.

    Hope you enjoy it


  13. I was skeptical that a (under) $5.00 cigar could really pull down that kind of rating, but I really was pleasantly surprised. This is a nice cigar at twice the price. CAO has made a smart move with this cigar. This is going to draw more folks into their customer base.

  14. Cynical Genius says:

    I’ve got a couple of these resting in my humidor. They really do look well constructed. There’s a certain ‘heft’ in hand which indicates to me, CAO did not spare the tobacco. I’m just waiting for the right occasion to light ’em up.

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