CAO America Potomac

CAO America Potomac

Origin : Nicaragua
CAO CigarsFormat : Robusto
Size : 5 x 56
Wrapper : Connecticut
Filler : Nicaragua, DR, Italy, USA
Binder : Brazil
Price : ~$110 for a box fo 20

Wow, this is one gorgeous looking cigar. I love the detail with the double wrap, I love the big bold American flag and colors on the label, truly an amazing look to this cigar. On top of that, it’s very well constructed with nicely packed tobacco. You know who I see smoking this cigar? Apollo Creed. I can see Apollo Creed smoking this cigar right before fighting Rocky Balboa. And then I see him smoking it again, after Rocky kicks his ass.

On the smell, I get a very soft leathery rich tobacco smell, very pleasant. On the foot I get a sweet oaky smell, which I love. The cut on the cap was excellent, the pre-draw test was close to perfection and the aftertaste on the pre-draw was very woody. Honestly, one of the best starts to a cigar I have ever experienced. Great construction, great look, great pre-draw and now the only thing left to do is investigate the flavors.

Again, right from the start you get something sweet out of this cigar. This time it comes from the toast up. There’s ton of sweet tobacco aroma that only gets you excited to begin smoking, and so I did. Why make America wait? It’s time for some change, a change in what CAO has given me before.

On the first couple of puffs, I got nothing but Vanilla Nuts. The sweetness in this cigar gives off a lot of Vanilla like flavors and its followed by a mixture of flavors that are very similar to what a Nut Mix party would taste like. For the rest of the cigar, it’s not much different. You get lots of Vanilla, Nuts, Roasted Smoky flavors, followed by a sweet aftertaste, with a Caramel tone here and there. Honestly, this is one of the best medium-bodied cigars I have tasted in a while.

I’m not a big CAO smoker, but wow. I’m extremely impressed with the construction and quality of this cigar. Perfect draw, it burns slow and beautifully and I really couldn’t ask for anything better. On top of that, a great sweet aroma reminded me of coffee when you first wake up. The ash was strong and really white and lasted a good amount of time before falling off. Very well done CAO!

Final Note: I’m telling you guys right now, if you see any cigar with any kind of tobacco coming out of Brazil, get it! There’s something special happening in the soils of Brazil. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure someone will come out with a Brazil aged wrapper, blend, etc one of these days. And I’m pretty sure it will be amazing.

Photo credit: Donny Muse

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