Camacho CLE

Camacho CLE

CamachoOrigin : Honduras
Format : Perfecto
Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : Honduran (Corojo)
Filler : Honduran
Binder : Honduran
Price : ~$200 for the travel bag (see below)

This little puppy, known as Christian’s Blend, is currently unique to the Signature Blends travel bag, which only includes 4 CLEs, is an extremely limited and hard to find cigar. Thanks to Matt for hooking me up on the BOTL forum.

So being Christian Eiroa’s, Camacho president, personal blend I was expecting a cigar that will drop a man to his knees. But the first third didn’t do it.

The reddish brown wrapper was oily and alluring, but gave to the touch. The Diploma size can be underfilled at times.

It began smooth and leathery with a rich tobacco core. But it didn’t have any of that Camacho “punch”.

But as soon as I got to the middle, wham-o, I’m hot with a massive amount of peppery ligero, that yes nearly took me out. This was the strongest inch or so of a cigar that I have ever smoked. And just like Kaiser Soze, “poof”, it was gone, and I then picked up lots of coffee and wood, with a bit of pepper on the finish and exhale.

The draw was easy, the burn was fairly even.

It actually made me a little light-headed, but the smoothness in the last third allowed me to recuperate for the explosive finale.

It had to be babied a bit due to the slight underfill, but it just gave me more time to savor it. It picked up with strong coffee, pepper and dark chocolate. I really enjoyed this cigar!

Rating: 89 (B+)