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  1. Carlos
    October 28, 2009

    Ben and I have smoked a few of the Cain Habanos and found them to be very inconsistent. My first Cain was one dimensional and had no power. My 2nd knocked me on my ass and the 3rd was just like my 1st. Ben recently went to an Oliva Event and he asked the rep about it. The rep told Ben that the Cain’s were released to early and couldn’t have used some more sleep time. I plan on buying a few more to try in a few months.


  2. Ron Johnson
    April 4, 2018

    I am down to the nub of the first of two in a sampler. I have enjoyed it. This is off the truck five days ago.
    I punched it and had a perfect pre-light draw. I tasted cocoa, I thought a bit of coffee was present.
    After lighting, it kept a consistent draw and even burn. Down to the nubbiest of nubs and it’s the same. The coffee never reappeared, perhaps it was drowned out by the chocolate, the cinnamon, the fruit, which I could never identify.
    What I’m clinging to has the pepper in full force.
    I would recommend this Ligero.


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