Bonita Smoke Shop

Bonita Smoke Shop
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 1997
Rating : -5 ( : 2, : 7)
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Description (taken from the website) : Featuring premium handrolled cigars, smoking accessories, and humidors.

13 Comments on “Bonita Smoke Shop”

  1. Experience:

    Nice selection, competitive prices, good service.

  2. Experience:

    Good selection and prices, but they have not been able to fill my orders the last 5 times. This time, they sent the wrong cigars. They are nice people, but they just don’t deliver.

  3. Experience:

    They definately don’t have their act together.

    They take orders without knowing if they have stock, they always use the excuse that their internet is down when an order isn’t shipped, and the last straw was rudely being told that my order wasn’t shipped because I ‘never placed the order,’ which then turned up when I called back 15 minutes later and talked to another person.


  4. Experience: Neutral

    I have been buying cigars from Bonita for the last 8 years. I bought all my humidors there and got started in the hobby cutting my teeth on their cigar store. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years with these people. This will be my first year not to order anything from them because they don’t have CAO Gold Torpedos in stock. I called 3 weeks ago and ordered them and was contacted 2 days later saying they didn’t have them in stock. He told me that they would have them in stock in a couple of weeks. I waited 3 weeks and called again and was told they still didn’t have them, but offered me an alternative in a different size. I declined and told him just to forget it. I received a call from someone there the next day saying that they still didn’t have them, but again offered me an alternative. I told the lady about my experience 3 weeks earlier and she replied in such a way that made me feel that I was trying to lie to her and said I didn’t request them until the day before. I told her I would just buy them from another company. I could tell she got miffed. I believe that they have got new help there and they really do not have it together. Their prices are competitive on a lot of their cigars, but not all.

  5. Experience:

    It’s been over 21 days and still waiting for credit .
    Every excuse in the book. They are a dishonest so called company.

  6. Bill Bernard says:

    Experience: Neutral

    This place has never delivered ! I’m not sure if the owner even knows anything about cigars. The last straw was 2 NITE I walked into the new store totally expecting to b blown away ! Nobody ever said thses people r marketing geniuses ( old space boring ) ! I thought I walked into Dunkins Diamonds ( or Dunkin Doughnuts ) same deal u can’t touch anything there either ! Your not selling diamonds just stinkin cigars for Christ sakes ! I like most cigar buyers like to stroll and take my time lookin, touchin, & feelin b 4 I buy ! I guess they’ve had a lot of thievery there ! Well they won’t have to worry about me cause i AIN’t ever goin back !

  7. Experience:

    I’m still waiting for my refund it’s now 5 weeks.
    They keep telling me one story after another.
    Don’t trust them !!!!

  8. Experience: Neutral

    the WORST customer service I have EVER encountered in ANY business or industry in my life….there are plenty of other options both locally (Bonita and Naples and Ft Myers) and obline….don’t waste your time on this crap hole!!

  9. Experience:

    Terrible customer service. Ordered three times online with this company and each time order was never processed until I followed up a week later. Always used excuse that ‘internet was down’.
    They are an absolute joke.

  10. Experience:

    Placed order via web page. Was called back by Laura who stated that even though my order met the criteria for free delivery, there was a disclaimer for two day delivery. Wanted to charge me $45. Told her to send via standard delivery. Received a call a few minutes later from another woman (can’t recall name) who stated they had charged me $45 for two day delivery as I had not called them back. Told her I had done so, spoke with Laura, she said “oh, ok” These people don’t communicate. WILL NOT GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS AGAIN!

  11. Experience:

    Have always had great service in the store or when ordering over the phone. This time I received my box of Curly Head Maduros and half the box was bad. I tried to cut the cigar and it literally falls apart. So, so disappointed. Always looking forward to getting cigars at this location. I guess I need to bring my business elsewhere. Called to speak with someone that could help, the person is very rude and lacks the definition of true customer service. I wasn’t looking for a free box, I was trying to explain what had happened and she basically accused me of not knowing how to take care of cigars!!!!! Again, I will tell all my friends not to shop there and tell them what terrible service they have and they should go elsewhere.

  12. Lenny Cecere says:


    We’ve been to your store 3 times in the passed few years, my wife and I. We live in Cincinnati Ohio. I buy my Cigars over the phone. I call their number and get Alba or Denise. They place my order right away. Two wonderful women handle my order like I was a V.I.P. I get 140 cigars every month. I don’t smoke them all, I give a good waiter a cigar and a tip. When you hand a good person a Cigar, They love it. It feels special. It feels good. That’s why I buy so many. Thank you, Lenny and Sharon Cecere

  13. Experience: Neutral

    I use Bonita Smoke shop as much as I can going back to the days of Jackie and Stanley. Now, a new owner.
    Still everyone I speak with is nice. The orders are taken by friendly and helpful people. The cigars (priced competitively) arrive on time every time and are always in great condition.

    Very satisfied all in all!

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