Quick Smoke: Bolivar Super Coronas 2014 Limited Edition

Bolivar Super Coronas 2014 Edicion Limitada

Origin : Cuba
Format : Grand CoronaBolivar
Size : 140 x 18 mm (5.5 x 48)
Ring : 48
Intruduced in : 2014
Price : £17 each (in the UK)

Bolivar Super Coronas is a Habanos edicion limitada released this year, it just started hitting the shelved in the UK. Its factory name is Hermosos No. 3 which corresponds to a 5.5 x 48 size.

Pre-light: Slightly earthy smell, well-packed but pliant, excellent draw through the largest of my Victorinox Cigar Penknife hole punches. Fresh “green” taste; tobacco, moss, grass.

1/3: Very mild (hence ideal following a light meal or earlier in the day). Slight spiciness (fruit cake) mingled with chocolate, very cool. Excellent & even burn with a nice ash stack formation.

2/3: The cigar warms up pleasantly releasing stronger chocolate flavours together with milky coffee (continuing the mild theme) and also some woody hints (as if from a log fire) – possibly oak. Ash holds to a good 2″, keeping straight with a superb even burn. Wrapper stays perfectly intact and the draw remains pleasant and “warm”.

3/3: A slight bite becomes evident during the last phase; white pepper and dark chocolate mingle with a stronger burnt wood taste, but the smoke remains velvety and can safely be passed round the sinuses to deliver the full flavour.

Bolivar Super Coronas is an overall mild to medium bodied cigar with clear but uncomplicated flavours. Coffee or a light drink complement it well and it can be enjoyed at lunchtime, despite its size (mine took around 90 minutes). The construction is excellent and price wise it compares very favourably with something like a Partagas D4.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★½
Flavour : Rating: ★★★½☆
Overall : Rating: ★★★★☆

4 Comments on “Quick Smoke: Bolivar Super Coronas 2014 Limited Edition”

  1. Bolivar.Professor says:

    Bolivar LE’s are always soft taste. Regular bolivar line is strong.

  2. I have had a few of these and they are nice and mild smokes. However they always look like sh!! which puts me off a cigar to be honest.

  3. Perfect analysis and description! Bravo.

  4. I remember you taking great umbrage at my admittedly harsh comments on one of your earlier reviews. This embodiment of brevity and accuracy has me (happily) eating my words. Two questions:
    1) Do you think it will age well, given that it is already quite mild (especially for a Bolivar)?
    2) Is it really comparable in price with the D4? Most online vendors price it at almost double the D4.

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