Bolivar Inmensas

Bolivar Inmensas

Origin : CubaBolivar
Format : Lonsdale (Dalia)
Size : 170 x 17 mm (6.7 x 43)
Ring : 43
Weight : 11.86 g
Price : $10 each
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This is one of my favorite Cuban brands and this is one size I have been meaning to smoke for quite some time. I have had tons of petite coronas, royal coronas and coronas and even a handful or two of BBFs (Boli Belicosos Finos) and Tubos, but I have not yet tried this one size.

This cigar has only a few months on it, but to me, Bolivars and Partagas seem to be the two brands that you can really enjoy fresh and aged (that said, there are exceptions as my box of Lusitanias needs years!).

I clipped the Inmensas and inspected the head. There is so much tobacco in this cigar! Plus I see my friend, the Cuban divot, which is a little pocket underneath the cap dead center in almost all habanos. Why or how they do it is beyond me.

So anyway, I light the cigar and the draw is even, and before I can really settle down with it, a huge spot opens up a half inch down the cigar! In fact in the first two inches, it tunneled once and canoed twice. After that, it burned dead even and was quite enjoyable.

I like Bolivars so much because of their rich aroma and flavor. The aroma of the smoke is slight earthy and meaty, a smell similar to that at a barbecue, the flavors are quite luxurious with a fudgy chocolate and café au lait. Some of that unmistakable Cuban “muskiness” was also present In the aroma and palate.

Strength-wise, if a BBF is your mildest and a Petite Corona is one of the strongest, the Inmensas would fall somewhere in the middle. It does have richness in flavor and body, but is still not too strong.

3 Comments on “Bolivar Inmensas”

  1. jenniferw says:

    this is my favourite cigar right now…can anyone suggest some other brands that may be similar or better???

  2. Hiroshiro David says:

    I have a Chance at a Box of these. Is it worth it??

  3. David, in my op;inion, yes, yes, yes! Sans voire!

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