Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Origin : CubaBolivar
Format : Torpedo (Campana)
Size : 140 x 20.64 mm
Ring : 52
Weight : 12.45 g
Box code : TEB ABR 08
Price : ~$11/piece

Bolivar Belicosos Finos is the second most popular cigar from the brand, behind the Royal Coronas (just my opinion, I’ve got no stats to back that up). A classic torpedo, this cigar is known for packing quite a full-bodied mix of flavors with considerable power. It’s time to find out whether the rumours are true (well, to be honest with you I’m quite familiar with this vitola and have been so for a long time, but in this review we will be ‘discovering’ it together).

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★☆
This cigar has a shiny brown (almost chocolatey) wrapper with some obvious oiliness. The cigar seems to be regularly packed and has a pure tobacco smell. The band is well-detailed and easily removed, without traces of glue. After a thorough inspection, I was able to find a couple of water spots.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★☆
Box-pressed, the Belicosos Finos provides a reliable construction. The draw is usually comfortable and the burn, pretty slow, rarely requires correction.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆
The pre-draw, herbaceous and dusty, does not deserve a special mention. However, as soon as I light the cigar, there is a very nice spice hit that is quickly replaced by a mix of woody and roasted animal notes. The spice does not completely disappear, however, and will be present throughout the smoke. The second third is what I prefer in this cigar as the smoke is thick and creamy with flavors of hazelnut and latte. The last third tells me that this is a ’08 stick – the power escalades and might turn one off. However, if smoked slowly, this obus can be nubbed.

Value : Rating: ★★★½☆
The Belicosos Finos is not priced outrageously and is well within the range of other Cuban torpedos.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
Overall, a very nice figurado which could very well benefit from additional 2-5 years of aging. I have smoked sticks from 2003 which were extremely tasty.

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  1. Nice review as usual. That’s a good looking stick.

  2. I had one of these at the end of last summer. It was pretty good. I do remember thinking how rich the flavors were in the middle of the smoke but I was a bit overwhelmed at the end, felt like I had to muster through it. I have a couple more in my box and will let them sit for a while befroe I light em up. Although 2-5 years might be tough.

  3. Cu-ba! Cu-ba! I’m jealous…

  4. Nice review. I have some of these sitting right now. I expected more in the strength but the flavors were great & it was incredibly smooth.

  5. Wow — I got drawn back here for the band (I really am a sucker for a nice band… Marketers take heed!)

  6. phathungarian says:

    I think Bolivar is generally an under rated, under estimated cigar brand, at least by the local smoke shops. Priced well for what it delivers. I really enjoy this smoke for much more than just a format. I recommend it for anyone, to me it is an honour to be able to smoke such a fine cigar, and I travel to Cuba multiple times a year. Try it, it’s a treat!

  7. I smoke this one whenever I feel like a nice Cuban but craving for strong taste. It is very clean and has all the taste you get from some the Cohibas but in a lighter way. It is a bit sweeter than a Cohiba too.

  8. Jerpl (Canada) says:

    @Inspector, love the site have been following the site for a bit now. Great cigar and review! I just happen to stagger on this review and noticed you bought cigars from CIGARSDECUBA.COM. Any insight on them, customer service, authenticity??????, shipping delays etc…? From what I’ve seen on there site this seems like a Canadian cigar enthusiasts online paradise for HABANOS S.A. The prices are good and they ship for free WORLDWIDE. Just looking for some info on your experience please. Thank, Jeremie

  9. I had one of these tonight that had been sitting in my humidor since 2008. I truly forgot how strong these can be. Smokers take note … Enjoy this only after a hefty meal because the strength creeps up on you and even a seasoned smoker like me (18 years now) was hit in the head by this one tonight.

    Denis’ review was spot on. I too was hit with a blast of pepper at the start only to have the cigar start give me shots of wood, strong espresso and a very subltle spice lingering with only a minor hint of salt on the lips.

    By the final third the flavours did get a bit one dimentional for me. Hints of pepper on the back end of the relatively short finish with a woodsy flavor profile. I never got any true sweetness out of this one but had to put it down with about two inches left because the nicotine was starting to overpower me.

    Construction was absolutely flawless. Immaculate feel, very comfortable draw, amazingly even burn never once requiring correction and a beautiful firm ash.

    I have one of these remaining and although I “liked” it, I still prefer the royal corona from the Bolivar line. As for Torpedo’s, personally I prefer the H. Upmann No. 2. I’ll remember to smoke my other Bolivar Belicosos AFTER a huge steak dinner though, that’s for sure.

  10. stevensauce says:

    the perfect before breakfast cigar :)….seriously, this one of the strongest cubans out there. very quickly develops that earthy, spicey hard to describe bolivar flavour, it tastes “old” in a good way. the problem is that as it burns down, it gets quite strong early and the flavours get a bit overpowered by its punch. first time a cigar put me into the ropes, even in the evening a bit too much for me. prefer the bolivar royal coronas, just a bit more mediumish, same flavours, same smoking time, lower price.

  11. My Review

    With a perfect balance of flavor and aroma. The Bolivar Belicoso is the best Cuban I have smoked. The quality is amazing and it shines through out the entire cigar. With flavors of Sweet Oak, Floral and a gentle Spicy undertone, you will find the harmony of flavors to be tremendously pleasing. It’s a smooth smoking experience and you will not be disappointed. Its one outstanding cigar that you will remember smoking! Amazing!

    Final Note: Amazed with the smoothness, the quality and the consistency of this cigar. I was truly in “awe” after smoking this cigar. And I finally found a cigar that I can put up on a trophy case next to the Padron 1964. I’m not saying they are the same cigar, NO. What I am saying is, they are both amazing cigars in there own ways, with different qualities. And oh man …. do i love em’ both!

    Final Grade: A+

  12. My review of the Bolivar Belicosos Finos

    One of Bolivar’s most popular vitolas is the Belicoso Fino. Its medium size, shape, consistency and great value, make this cigar a true best seller and one of my favourite cigars. The Belicoso Fino is a Campana, measuring 52 ring gauge by 140 in length, a size that combines the torpedo end of a pyramide with the ring gauge and the length of a robusto. It comes in both dress box and SLB of 25 cigars, with the latter to be a popular choice for those who wish to age it. To accompany the cigar, we chose to open a bottle of Bushmills Black Bush and see how it will alter the taste of the cigar.

    Bolivar Belicoso Fino

    The cigar we will be smoking tonight is very well constructed, very firm and well packed. Smooth, chocolate wrapper, with little veins. A you may see in the pictures, the wrapper had some dark brown spots, known as “sun spots”, that do not affect the taste. The “sun spots” are possibly a result of moisture droplets on the cigar leaves during the drying process. A few green patches are present as well, some on the wrapper and some on the filler, visible at the foot of the cigar. Like most Bolivars, there is a strong scent of wood, as well as cocoa.

    The cigar lights up very easy. It is medium bodied in the beginning, with strong taste of earth and wood, with hints of spice. The draw is on the tight side, as expected from the beginning, but its not yet unpleasant. Any uneven burn quickly evens out, while thick grey ash is forming and stays perfectly on the cigar.

    After smoking about half an hour, the cigar turns into full bodied, with plenty of “kick”. The draw is slightly looser, but still tight. The flavours are more complex, with the earthy flavour being more intense. Spice, wood, cocoa and fruits, all well balanced, deliver full and robust flavours. The cigar smokes well until the end, without becoming hot or overwhelming.

    Overall, the Bolivar Belicoco Fino is a great cigar, definitely one of the best of its brand and its size. Its complexity and especially its consistency and great value, make it one of the cigars you have to have in your humidor. A lot of aging potential in them too, ideally you should rest them in their boxes (preferably cabinets) for a couple of years and let them blossom!

  13. Box pressed? Maybe I’ve been smoking fakes all these years, but otherwise, I agree with the review. Thank you. It’s a good cigar.

  14. The box press is from the normal paper dress boxes. The slb’s will be round.

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