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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : VA, USA
Online Since : 2009
Rating : -5 ( : 11, : 16)
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Description : BnB Tobacco retails both premium and small cigars as well as accessories, hookahs and e-cigs.

29 Comments on “BnB Tobacco”

  1. Experience:

    I can’t say anything bad about BnB. My business with BnB has been more easer than expected. Thanks

  2. mchance818 says:


    Good product selection. Fast shipping. Will purchase again.

  3. ekecskes says:


    first order was fine…second order was a ridiculous. I don’t think they are a topnotch company. You always have to leave a voicemail and they take 24-48 to respond to an email? I order 2 bundles for 2day delivery to which they charged my card and sent me an email confirmation. Once the delivery day came and went, I called and was told that they do not have the items in stock and MAY get a shipment the following week. I can get a full refund 76 hours after they put in for a refund. So basically they’ve held my money for over a week and I don’t have cigars…ridiculous!!!!

  4. Experience:

    Rude customer service, high shipping cost, frauds – had been ordering from them for 6-8 months boxes of small cigars every couple of weeks. We live in HI and was surprised at how quickly the first few orders arrived (3-5 days via USPS Priority Mail) Then the orders started coming in about 7-10 business days, we contacted the company to see what was up. We asked repeatedly for a tracking number with our packages since they were being shipped via USPS and were told that the company could not supply us with tracking numbers/delivery confirmation numbers even after we said we would pay the extra $.70 for them. All the boxes we received were had hand written addresses on them and were taken to their local PO to be paid for (you can tell by what type of postage is on your box) and so it couldn’t have been that hard to get a delivery confirmation number! Plus they had to pay each time for a signed packaged so the reason that “they just can’t” offer us delivery confirmation was bullshit. Between the no tracking info, increase in shipping price for slower shipping and the fact that they would email us to say our package was shipped but didn’t actually get mailed till 2-5 days later (again, you can tell a lot about a package based on the postage and time stamp!) was getting us pretty upset. We were spending several $100’s of dollars each month with them for shitty service. Very rarely could you get someone on the phone the first time you called (usually not until many tries later) and they never responded to emails. Finally, the last straw came on 9/8/11 when I placed our regular order plus 3 extra cartons since we were going on vacation and I didn’t want to have to worry about running out. Called them on 9/13/2011 to make sure our package was shipped since I had not heard anything or received a “your order has been shipped” email since placing the order on 9/8/2011. First I was told, no, the order has not been shipped and then was told that it was shipped on 9/8/2011 then told it was shipped on 9/9/2011. Again, no confirmation or tracking info so I had to rely on BNB to tell me the truth. Fast forward to 9/23/2011 – package still hadn’t arrived so I tried calling and emailing and no one returned my email or voicemails. Finally got a hold of someone today 9/26/2011 and no “I’m sorry, let me look into this for you” type of attitude from the woman I spoke to – instead she was very quick to refund my money – didn’t even care that we had been waiting two weeks and because she was so quick to refund the money made me wonder if they even had shipped the package. I doubt it! Don’t order from BNB – there are many other cigar companies you could order from and get better service.

  5. Experience:

    I called in and got someone right away and was able to speak to someone. Top Notch company, and they seem to have the lowest prices on Rocky Patel anywhere and I received my shipment the next day when I ordered at 2:30 pm!

  6. Experience:

    I’ve purchased from BnB maybe a dozen times. Their online order tracking and live customer service options have promptly resolved any questions I’ve had, and the delivery has always been on time.

    I’m not sure what the bad ratings are about as I’ve never had any problems. Recently, their site has been even better, and it is by far the easiest to use cigar site I’ve ever ordered from.

    When I use my BnB login, I don’t even have to fill out the address information. I just enter my cc and I’m on my way.

    I’d definitely recommend giving BnB your business. Their pricing really is great, and if you order like I do, there’s no shipping charge (I think anything over $200 has free shipping).

  7. Experience:

    They were wonderful to work with. I got worried I placed a double order on accident (I did) and they called me the next day to confirm I wanted two (I didn’t) before they shipped. BnB is real people and they are great! Would buy again

  8. Experience:

    My experince with this company is the same as emme26 they falsely advertise their product and when it comes to shipping and customer service they dont have a clue I was told they no longer had a hose i order and had to choose another color but the one i ordered can in the mail? I would not trust this company.

  9. Experience: Neutral

    So your complaint is that, after some miscommunication, you received the one you wanted? Oh the scandal!

  10. Experience:

    BnB is an absolutely outstanding company. Great quality and great people working there. If I ever have a question, I can easily contact customer service. I had an issue with one of my orders and management contacted me immediately trying to resolve the problem. I could not be more pleased with their service and personal touch.

  11. Experience:

    Great service, had no issues with orders and their quality is top notch.

  12. Experience:

    Poor customer service and their cigars aren’t the best. Would NOT order from them again. I usually keep a running list on my phone to recommend to friends and have had to delete them after numerous shipping issues, stale cigars and poor customer service. I try to be reasonable but not with this company anymore.

  13. dave newcomb says:


    It has been over 48 hours since I contacted this company via phone and email. I have had zero responce on both. I received from my daughter a gift card that I tried to use, no luck. They charged full amount for items ordered with no credit giving for gift card. Now I can not get anyone to call back or to email me. I use a different cigar company that have alot better service. Very very poor customer service.

  14. pollinni says:


    Will not split shipments despite their mistake of what they had in stock. In ordering, everything was in stock, FIVE days later, I’m notified they are out of stock and it will be 2-4 days before they get it in. By then, I what’s another 2-4 days… so I keep the order as is. TEN days later, I’m informed that it will be another 2-4 weeks. After calling them to ask if they can just split the shipments, they told me they cannot because it’s too expensive for them to do this. As if my time holds no value. The options they gave me were, cancel my order and put it onto a giftcard, or replace the item on my order with something else, neither of which get me any part of my order within the next two weeks. So, I’ve already waited two weeks to find out I still can’t get my order for two more weeks. Tried them due to a deal I found… but sadly, they do not come close to my current cigar shop… likely, will not be dealing with them again.

  15. Experience:

    Overpriced items, not a huge selection and double the normal shipping cost. Won’t be going back!

  16. pollinni says:


    Update: After speaking with management today, they told me that they found out the item I ordered had been discontinued. Didn’t say when it’s been discontinued, or when they found out, simply that they were. That being said, she went and priced matched a similar item that was a couple bucks more and is shipping out the order today. So to sum up the whole situation… waited three weeks to find out the item that was (and still is) listed in stock on their site, is actually discontinued, and I will now be receiving something other than what I ordered. We’ll see if it’s a similar situation to the ed’s and maybe I will receive the right product after all! Fingers crossed! Still not dealing with them again…

    Note: My opinion, I don’t think you should have to cross your fingers in hopes of getting the item you ordered… but maybe that’s just me.

  17. ragnarsmurf says:


    I don’t know what’s up with the negative reviews. I’ve been using BnB for years and have had a great experience every time.

  18. Ricc Havens says:


    Will never order from again. Placed an online order for two boxes with items showing in stock. Got email order confirmation. One week later received email stating times now out of stock. Called and placed a substitution order for backordered item. Customer service person verified with warehouse that substitution items were in stock. Another week goes by and order shows on their system as still being processed. Over the course of a week I called and left 3 voicemails as their automated phone system said all customer service agents and messages left would be responded to within 24hours. That’s poor service by itself! But yet, no one returned calls with the messages I left. I finally got ahold of someone today and she told me the substitution items were now out of stock. She could substitute something else and verify it was in stock. I said that was what the other lady did last week and if it takes a week to process an order how do I know they will be in stock then. She said that was all she could do and offered to call back later in the day to confirm. Never got a call back and still waiting on the order. They didn’t even offer anything like thawing in a couple extra smokes for all my troubles. Have had a couple minor issue before with Thompsons and once Cigars International and they have always offered a freebie for the troubles caused. Unfortunately I couldn’t just cancel the order and go elsewhere as I was given a substantial gift certificate to use at BNB. Bu I definitely will never order from BNB again.

  19. Experience:

    Originally ordered two items. One was backordered, so I waited. A week later I get an email saying it was now in stock, but my other item was now backordered. After a waiting weeks for only a handful of email responses, I chose to replace the now backordered item with two different items which together were the same price. So now I thought my order of three items would resolve the issue. I asked for a confirmation receipt incase of any trouble. It showed me getting one of my original items, and double of the way cheaper item i ordered. A week later and no email return. Horrible Company. Even worse Customer Service. STAY CLEAR!!!

  20. Mike Frantz says:


    Be very careful when ordering from them, they have a “F” rating on the better business burea website. I googled “B1G1 free” swisher sweets cherry tip, and up pops their add, it even had a picture of a “brick” of them, 20 5-packs, all marked buy one get one free. $34.99 each. so I order 3 and paid for them. I get them and there are 3 packages of 10 5 packs. I complained and they said they can’t be held responsible for the manufactures labeling, they wanted me to pay to send them back and pay 20% restocking.
    I even e-mailed with the Pres. of the outfit, complained about the inaccurate advertising, but oh well to bad.
    they have since deleted the add, but the damage is done.

  21. donald kessler says:


    I recently had aproblem with a shipment of little cigars. It was not bnb’s fault, it was the manufacturer’s. BnB’s support staff was about the friendliest i’ve ever encountered. The young ladies i dealt with, mostly Claire but also Grace and Jenny/ couldn;t have been nicer or more concerned. My sincere thanks to everyone of them!!!
    Don k

  22. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve been ordering from this company for 4 yrs now, and have never had a bad experience, until just this month. I placed an order on the 9th with 3 day delivery, it was damaged in transit. Since this happened on a Friday, I was unable to contact the company until Monday morning, since there is no customer line in place over the weekend. I called promptly Monday morning, shortly after they opened to try to get this taken care of. I spoke with a very kind woman who took the time to talk it over with her supervisor. She told me that they would reship the order that day with overnight or 2 day shipping without charging me extra. She even apologized on behalf of UPS and BnB. The tracking number was supposed to show up in my email either that evening or the following morning so I could track the shipment. However, that didn’t happen. I repeatedly checked my email for the tracking number, last night and today, and it was not there. So, called them back today to find out what had happened. Come to find out, even though I had called and gotten it taken care of yesterday morning, it wasn’t even process till this morning. Question, why does it take a FULL 24 hrs to process a replacement order? They aren’t charging me extra for shipping, but are only putting on a day shipment. So, basically, since I called yesterday, had it gone out yesterday, it’s the 3 day shipping I paid for in the first place. Considering looking for another company to order from. Original order placed on the 9th, should have received it on the 12th, won’t actually receive it till the 18th. How did 3 day shipping turn into 2 weeks and without a whole lot of compensation for this either. Just from me, had it been me in the supervisor’s position, I would have made sure that the order went out the day of the phone call, with next day deliver, and would have given some kind of coupon code for a discount on the next purchase made. Customer service is key here, without it, things like this happen, and they can make or break a company. Does someone in the office not get some kind of notification when a package is damaged in shipment? Because if so, shouldn’t the customer be contacted ASAP so that they can make sure they get their paid for order? Just don’t understand how a company shows a lack of caring about at least one customer they have had for 4 yrs.

  23. Experience:

    I sent them the comment I made here in an email to them yesterday and they are refunding my shipping cost and giving me a 10% off coupon on my next order. Seems the best way to let them know about issues is to email them directly. Got the phone call this morning, not an email, a phone call. Sounded like the first woman I had spoken with about this issue.

  24. Experience:

    Pretty terrible experience with bnb. Still haven’t gotten one of the packages I ordered, worth about $100. I’ve called and sent emails about it with no response. I gave up after 5 months. Terrible experience.

  25. Experience:

    I tried these guys 4 times (4 ordered). On every order except one they were out of stock of at least one product. I specifically only ordered cigars where the status shows in-stock. On each occasion I was offered alternative and each time I picked and alternate that was also out of stock.

    Basically they have zero inventory support. Never again, 4r times 3 fails, not gonna ever see a dime from me again.

  26. Rich Claar says:


    First order was fine. Then subsequent orders had many problems. Most of them were “out of stock” issues. But they took days to let you know – then could not commit to a date when they would have things in stock. They offered alternatives, which is not ideal and still wanted to charge me more.

  27. Experience:

    I would strongly recommend you avoid this place like the plague. Don’t be lured in by groupons and coupon codes you absolutely get what you pay for here.

    I have placed two separate orders with this company and both experiences were awful. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt after the first one but never again will I give them even one cent of my hard earned money.

    The first order arrived damaged, over 90 percent of my order was suffering from what I can only assume was improper storage. Cracked and damaged cigars both head and foot. I called in, emailed them pictures and after 2 weeks of trying to resolve the issue they replaced my entire order with a new order of completely different cigars. Two extra weeks later this order is fulfilled and when it arrives still some the new cigars are damaged! again head and foot damage but mostly minor on roughly half of the cigars but certainly not what i paid for so I again return the order and accept a refund.

    Second order I make is for a full box of an item they tell me when i place the order via phone this time is in stock. 7 days later I have not gotten any shipping notification, I call in to ask for an update and they say oh those are out of stock they should be here in a week. No problem I can wait a week but i let them know they are still in stock on line so they may want to update that. 1 week goes by same answer they will be here next week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks…. etc. It is currently 5 weeks later still no stock, still no answer. Currently waiting for another refund.

    Don’t make the same mistake i made, buy from somewhere reputable.

  28. Experience:

    I read all the reviews and am doubtful about the negative reviews. I buy an average of four boxes of cigars a month, generally between BNB, CI, and Famous. BNB has always been responsive with very good prices. The others are as well.
    The cigars seem fresh even though everything goes into my humidor for thirty days before enjoying.
    I recommend them and tell people to try the experience for themselves.

  29. Experience:

    Placed an order with BnB in December and they shipped the wrong product. I have been trying to get them replaced since Jan. 2, 2017. They won’t reply to emails, won’t answer the phone, and chat won’t work. I have used their service in the past but they seem to be totally unresponsive at this time and I wonder if their business is failing?? Buy with caution!!

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