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Best Swiss Cigars
Sells : Cuban & Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 2009
Rating : -15 ( : 9, : 24)
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Description : We are a Swiss company based in Bernex (Geneva). We ship from Switzerland WORLDWIDE and free of charge the best 100% authentic Cuban and non Cuban cigars, as well as luxury humidors (Elie Bleu, Davidoff, Michel Perrenoud). We are a team of real professionals and our prices are very advantageous.

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  1. Experience:

    Cigars delivered extremely fast, well-protected and in good condition.

  2. John Matthews says:


    I ordered Montecristo No. 2 cigars from Best Swiss Cigars. The price was competitive, and they were received in less than 10 days after ordering. Thumbs up.

  3. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered Cohiba Siglo1 and RASCC, box of each. Shipping was slow but that was probably the post at this end. Cheaper than anywhere I could find and the detail to packaging was first class. Very helpful team.

    Update #1 (Apr 1 2010) In hindsight, this is not a good company to deal with. Myself and a BOTL have 3000US outstanding in orders. Other suppliers have shipped within 48Hrs, we have been waiting 3 weeks for these orders to be shipped! Ridiculous! Do Not Buy Here as they have dropped the ball & run away!

    Update #2 (May 5 2010) I will add this. The first orders from 7 weeks ago have started to arrive. Yes the quality is exceptional as usual. Yes the prices were very competitive, yes they were extremely well packed but the time frame that has been expended getting this order finalized is just way too much. The last box from this order was supposedly shipped today. I’m over it already & have moved on. Thanks for your patience Denis. Sorry to have annoyed your wonderful site with this.

  4. Experience:

    Ordered Punch DC good sigars LSM SEP 08 shipping was slow. Packaging first class.

  5. Experience:

    As above three orders outstanding and no email responses, I think I’ve lost a lot of money through this company. Avoid at all costs. I will happily reverse this rating if I ever see product back at this stage, not promising.

    Update (Apr 10 2010) Rafael is working to fix the above issue, he has refunded part of the pruchase and has now shipped the first order from the 14th of March. It has been a long wait to get to this point but now there looks to be progress. I will update again once the order has arrived. Also as a side note my first two orders through Best Swiss had been very well packed and shipped quickly.

  6. Experience: Neutral

    I am Rafael Modiano, sales manager of The two above customers have placed several orders and as you can see one of them has placed a positive comment on this site. Some vitolas of their latest order were temporarily not available as a delivery has been delayed. We have credited their credit card. We always do our best to give our customers full satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information.

    Best regards.
    Rafael Modiano

  7. Experience:

    I purchased several times from them (Partagas D 4, Cohiba Robusto). I have received from them last week a new parcel with 5 boxes of 25 cigars in perfect condition. Everthing is OK with them. Their cigars are outstanding and their prices advantageous.

  8. Experience: Neutral

    fresh cigars receivd the pakage the day I receivd my track no ???
    answer in French a plus for me
    slow slow shipping ,did have to pay heavy taxes (Canada ) dont know if theyr ship was discreet or they disclose the content
    wont order from them to expensive rather go to cuba smoke like crazy and buy them in cuba

  9. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered cigars for Bestswiss 1 month ago, but so far I haven’t got my cigars. after I asked them many times, they sent me a tracking number today, which is invalid, I’m waiting for an explanation, it’s my first pissed off experience buying cigars

    UPDATE: finally I have got those cigars. to be honest, it was a disappointing experience, because I placed my order on 10th Aug, but they ship out the cigar on 1st Sept, also because of the customs and post, i just got my cigars. Generally, the cigars are all right, only a little bit dry out

  10. Experience:

    Horrible customer service. Totality incompetent, or they just don”t care. Either way you lose when you deal with this company. Delayed shipping,unanswered e-mail,wrong tracking numbers provided. If I ever receive my cigars I will post if they are legit are not.

  11. Experience:

    WOW- if ONLY I had seen these reviews before I’d ordered with these jokers….
    I’m new to cigars (but have bought from others such as which were excellent by the way) so thankfully I ordered a few 5 pack samplers, only about US$200. That was five weeks ago, been given all sorts of excuses, like ‘…we are moving to a bigger humidor’ (???) Been promised shipping numbers, but still waiting.
    Anyway, have given up ever receiving what I paid for, but I’ve accepted that!

  12. Experience: Neutral

    I am Rafael Modiano, sales manager of

    I cannot accept the two above libellous messages about our company which is well-known on the web.

    The first one has been posted by one of our new customers: LOU. He has placed an order two week ago. He has written that our customer service is horrible, that we do not reply his mails and that we have given a wrong tracking number. He has sent in a week 12 mails and we have replied 9 times! His cigars have been shipped a week ago with the usps tracking number LX181676675CH which is correct. The second one, SEPRAF has placed an order last month. One vitola was unfortunately not available and he has posted here a bad comment saying that we were like the bubonic plague. When we suggested him to credit his card, he refused saying that he wanted his cigars!

  13. Experience: Neutral

    Well I have’nt received my cigars yet, It’s now in the hands of the usps.

    In response to Rafael comments, I would like to clarify MY experience in dealing with him.

    After reading some negative comments above, I decided to place a small order to judge for myself. I like to try different vendors.

    To the best of my recolection, this is how the events unfolded.

    Sept. 30- I placed a small order.
    Oct. 1- E-mail from Rafael- Thank you for you order will ship soon.
    Me- Do you provide tracking numbers?
    Rafael- Of course.
    Oct. 5.- Me- Rafael, please send me tracking numbers.
    Rafael- We did not ship your order we are missing some vitolas.
    After receiving that e-mail I realized the negative comments were true.
    Me- Since you did not ship my cigars please cancell my order.
    Rafael- no response
    Me- repeat same e-mail.
    Rafael-We charged your credit card.
    Me- please reverse charges, and cancell my order.
    Rafael- no response
    Me- repeat above e-mail
    Rafael- we shiped your cigars.
    Me- why did you ship cigars after I cancelled my order.
    Rafael- no response
    Me- repeat above e-mail.
    Rafael-Our office and warehouse are in two seperate buildings.

    A few days later Rafael e-mails me the above tracking numbers stating ups not usps. After trying ups website not usps site, I inform him the numbers he provided were invalid, he never responds to me.

    Good customer service always responds to all e-mail regardless how trivial it my seem to a merchant.
    Placed order on Sept. 30- shiped on Oct 12th What happened to Swiss efficiency?

    Update (Oct 21 2010) I did receive my cigars today, packaged well, and yes legit. In hindsight I don’t think I would use Bestswiss again. Their prices are decent, there are better sites out there, that are cheaper with better customer service, and some higher priced sites with excellent customer service.
    Hopefully Rafael can improve and be sucessfull.

  14. Experience: Neutral

    Like Lou, I think I should better expalin myself. I know it’s being petty, but I just can’t leave it alone.
    In asking for the cigars to be shipped, I honestly thought I had more chances of getting the cigars, and not much chance of a refund, that’s why I asked for them.
    After waiting almost four weeks, I contacted Rafael asking if he could confirm that he had shipped my order.
    Rafael: Yes, we have shipped your order, and will provide you with a tracking number ASAP.
    Me: after waiting another week I ask again.
    Rafael: Ahh, actually we haven’t got one vitola so we haven’t shipped anything yet!! But don’t worry, we’ll throw in a free cigar!!!
    Me: Why did you say you have already shipped my cigars when you had not? Why did you not just communicate that you were out of stock? Why does your website say that you have that particular cigar in stock? Can you please ship what you have?
    Rafael:We don’t appreciate your comments on cigar inspector. If you’d like your cigars, please ask CI to remove your comment.
    Me:I have not fabricated any of this, comment stays, please any chance of a refund on the card?
    Rafael: No response/no refund.
    No doubt I’ll get some stern words in response to this post, but as stated above, none of this is made up.
    As I said initially, I’ve given up hoping but have learnt a valuble lesson….. do your research FIRST.

  15. Experience:

    I have ordered my cigars on Oct. 6

    On Oct. 11 I get an e-mail “Your cigars have been prepared for an immediate shipping.”

    Until now, I have not received the cigars (And I live in Switzerland myself, where a parcel takes max 2 days to be delivered!)
    Rafael did not reply to my e-mails until now.
    Update will follow…

    Update (Nov 14 2010) My cigars have finally arrived and I also got a feedback from Rafael. Cigars were well packaged and look great. (Will have them rest in my humi before trying one)
    Rafael has also added a free sampler as a compensation for my long wating-time, and therefore I will make an overall positive voting…

  16. Experience:

    I placed an order for a box of PSD4s on October 17. The next day I received an email confirmation of my order. The cigars were shipped on October 23 and I received them on October 27 in good shape. In fact, the particular PSD4s that I received had a nicer wrapper than some of the other PSD4 boxes that I’ve ordered from other vendors lately. Overall, I would call it a good experience. BSS’s prices are quite competitive. The shipping was a bit slow. Many other vendors will ship within a couple days whereas it took BSS five days to ship my cigars. If BSS can speed up their shipping just a bit, I would give them an unqualified thumbs up.

  17. Experience:

    I’ve ordered twice from BSS. My first order arrived within 2 weeks, was well packaged, authentic, and the cigars were in great shape. My 2nd order is en-route. Rafael is responsive to emails and has been quick to give status updates on my order. Recommended!

  18. Experience:

    Shipment was seized at Port of Entry, Chicago. Just sent a 3rd request in to see what kind of compensation there will be. Immediate response from prior contact. Nice!

  19. Experience:

    I placed my first order on 5th February 11 and received an email 0n 8th February saying the cigars are in stock and will be sent ”in the next few days”.
    Today is 17th February and still no cigars.
    Well Switzerland is only a two hour flight from the U.K. so what is happening?
    I ordered cigars from the U.S. and was smoking them only 5 days later!

    Update (Feb 27 2011) Finally received my cigars on 26 February but they were not shipped until 21 February, why hang on to them for more than two weeks before shipping them?

  20. SmokinWheelzzz says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Placed an order for $300 in samplers, to try out some new options. Received an email within 24 hours letting me know that they were out of ALL samplers and 5 packs (which is what my order consisted of), but boxes were of course available. Seemed fishy to me that all the items listed as in stock (and still do), but can’t mark them negative.

  21. Experience:

    I have placed an order with this company for a box of Cohiba siglo IV on february 6th 2011. I received a reply from them saying that my order will be shipped within a few days. Today is 6th March, 2011 exactly one month after I placed my order. I tried to call the phone number provided on their website but it turned out to be a fax machine. There is no direct e-mail adress you can contact on their web site and you can only contact them through their webpage. I have sent them numerous e-mails to the mail adress that replied to my order with no result. I am very suspicious of a company which has no real phone and provides no e-mail adress to reach them. I am going to complain to the internet fraud authority to have them checked. This company is definitely a red flag for intenet buyers.

  22. wan nazmee says:


    My experience is almost similar to bengu however, i was in contact with rafael for a few emails till recently. All my emails were left unanswered.

    I have placed my order in Dec 2010. After s few emails with rafael, on 17 February 2011 (after 2 months, i decided to take their offer for a full refund. Sadly till today i have yet to receive the refund despite several emails asking for a status.

    My purpose for placing my comment is just to share my worst experience with the company.

    Update (May 2 2011) since my previous comment on march 22, 2011 till today, just to share with others that i have yet to receive my refund despite my several emails requesting them to do so.

  23. Experience: Neutral

    We have replied to Bwengu. Their cigars had been shipped but there was a mistake in the address and they came back. We informed the customer. We will ship them again this week and we have granted this customer a discount on his next purchase.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    I am Rafael Modiano, sales manager of In reply to our customer SmokinWheelzzz we have taken the decision not to sell our 5 sampler packs temporarily. As you know we make these samplers by ourselves but we are not satisfied with the packages. We are looking for new packages. As soon as we find them we will inform all our customers. We have taken our 5 pack sampler page off. We beg our customers to accept all our apologies and we thank them for their understanding. Of course all our 10 and 25 cigar boxes come in a perfect package.

  25. kennethpyoung says:


    Have ordered twice from and both transactions have been a cluster!!! The first order somehow was lost in shipment and it took 8 months to get a replacement. The second order (I should have known better) was ordered over 3 months ago and have not shipped. Also tried to get a refund but Rafael WILL NOT answer e-mails. All I can say is stay away from these guys, there are MUCH better places to order from.

    Update (May 2 2011) My earlier post was answered by Rafael saying that he would ship replacement cigars….this HAS NOT happened. I believe that “Best Swiss Cigars” is dead in the water and we won’t see much business from these guys again, at least under that name. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for cigars. I am going to go out of my way to try and steer anyone away from dealing with this company!!

  26. Experience: Neutral

    In reply to Mr. Young above comment, I informed him that the cigars which he had ordered were unfortunately not available. I informed him that we have asked our bank to credit him and suggested him to inform his credit card company. The lost order had been shipped by mail and we provided him with a tracking number. When a parcel is lost we replace it if the vitola is still available.

  27. Experience:

    On the 16th of March I ordered from Best Swiss Cigars a box of Punch Churchill. My credit card was charged-
    still no box of cigars has arrived,neither any response to my numerous mails. When I finally sent a fax, I got the answer that the company is not based there anymore.

    I sent a last mail notifying them about this fax, but still no answer. Obviously something is VERY WRONG…

    Update (May 10 2011) Rafael Mondiano insists on being silent over the fact that he charged me without sending me my order.

  28. Experience:

    I’ve ordered 3 times from Best Swiss the first two times I received my cigars, however, shipping times were very slow. I found Rafael to be cordial and fine to work with. However, I’ve never received the last order I placed and Rafael has never offered up a solution. Now he won’t email me back. Not to mention, my credit card was also charged. Very disappointed…

  29. Experience: Neutral

    In reply to Mr. Kennethpyoung, the cigars were not available and we have asked the credit card company to credit him several days ago. We have had an issue with our mailbox and all the mails received in April have been lost. It was impossible for us to reply quickly

  30. michael says:


    customs grabed my order which after numerous emails they refunded my $$(3months)but the real problem as I see with this company is communication—it’s bad! terrible response time,lame excuses or no response to emails. buyer beware.

  31. Experience: Neutral

    We have had an important issue when our provider transferred our site to a new machine. All emails received and sent from August 2010 to the end of April 2011 have been lost. That is the reason why we coukld not reply to some of our customers. We beg them to accept all our apologies. Our aim is to give our customers full satisfaction. Please contact us again in case of problems.

    We have just modified our site. Our customers can immediately check which vitolas are available and which are out of stock. On the other hand we grant a 5% discount to our customers who place orders of more than one box.

    Thank you. Rafael

  32. Experience:

    Ordered in early March and still haven’t received anything. After numerous attempts to contact Rafael he finally emails me in early May to tell me about the site issues and that he’ll notify me when it ships. I still have nothing. My credit card was charged on March 20th.

  33. James4226c says:


    01-16-11 order placed
    01-25-11 Credit card charged/ Cigars shipped
    02-07-11 I inquired shipping update
    02-16-11 Best Swiss Cigar (BSC) confirmed that package was lost before it left Switzerland.
    Reship was not possible (sold out) Gave me the option of a different box or refund.
    Refund option chosen
    02-21-11 I inquired as to how long a refund may take
    02-28-11 I received a response second hand that BSC’s bank has been informed to issue refund
    03-14-11 I inquired status of refund and got no response
    03-22-11 I inquired status of refund
    03-23-11 BSC Response: “We have written two times our bank to credit you. The problem is that we have changed of credit card company and the new company cannot credit a card which has been deleted alsewhere.”
    I informed my bank of the situation
    03-31-11 BSC inquired status of bank investigation
    04-05-11 I was told by my bank that they were trying to contact BSC
    04-11-11 I asked BSC if my bank was trying to get in contact.
    04-12-11 BSC told me that my bank was not trying to get in contact
    04-15-11 I asked my bank for a status update and they said that they were still trying to get in contact with BSC and if they do not respond by 06-20-11 they will credit my account automatically.
    05-01-11 I called my bank to get a status update and they said there is still no contact from BSC
    05-31-11 I asked BSC for an update.
    06-01-11 BSC response: “Could you please check your account because we had asked our credit card
    company to credit you.”
    06-12-11 I called my bank to see if they were able to contact BSC, the bank told me that there is still no response from the merchant.
    06-20-11 I called my bank for an update, they said they were not able to establish contact with the merchant so my account will be credited.
    06-23-11 Credit from bank received.

  34. j.buchholz says:


    After buying from Rafael at BestSwiss for years with great success, he has gone missing for the past several weeks. My Visa shows he charged my card and as of today (July 12) I have no confirmation they shipped or response to repeated e-mails. Hate that a great relationship has gone sour.

  35. Big Smoke says:


    I have had many good experiences with Rafael until this last order. On the 29 of July 2011 I wired $608(I had credit of $19) for 4 boxs of LGC #1. Never received the cigars. After two weeks, Rafael said he had been on vacation and would look into it and have not heard from him since – it’s been over 2 weeks ( a month since my wire was received). Looks like I will never receive my cigars and I assume that BSC went out of business and I will lose $627. Too Bad

  36. Experience:

    I too had a number of very positive purchases from Best Swiss Cigars, but my last order placed on July 14th, is still not received, nor has Rafael responded to my many e-mails. I do not know what is happening with this company any more! I would certainly not buy from them until some positive news is forthcoming.

  37. Experience: Neutral

    They ripped me and many others off!
    What can we do to fix this.
    The owner must be known and there must be someone out there who has a contact number or address. I will get the police involved if I know who the owner is.
    Let’s not let BSC ruin a great thing.
    Please help!!

  38. Experience: Neutral

    Well Well,

    Rafael emailed me and said he was sick and out of touch. He said he forgot to give my order to his replacement and that he was sorry and he wants to fix the problem.

    This is great news and let us all hope that he does indeed make things right….I will let you all know soon..

  39. Experience:

    FRAUD! FAKE! ripped off! i ordered 2 months ago, i got billed, but i still haven’t received anything. e-mailed owner a dozen times over the past few weeks for refund, but not a single response. it’s been a month now since i’ve asked for a refund. AVOID!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS MERCHANT!!!!

  40. Experience: Neutral

    He said he was sick and soooo sorry and that his accountant was going to send me my money back. That has been 1 month and no contact. Have to agree with Schnix above.

    Be careful with all of these vendors – good today, gone with your money tomorrow and there is NO recourse.

  41. Experience:

    BEWARE – RAFAEL WILL STEEL YOUR MONEY! I ordered from two years ago, and the transaction went fairly smooth, yet very slow. I ordered $3200 worth of cigars back in Jan 2011, and I still have yet to receive them. After 72 emails back and forth of excuses, I just now gave up. I’m done with all of Rafael’s excuses. He stole $3200 from me, money I will never see again.

    Rafael – karma sucks, and it’s headed your way.

  42. Experience: Neutral

    Since Rafael has ripped off so many why not join forces and get back. If anyone has an Imternic account they can do a “whosit” and locate the registered owner contact info. Once you locate that I will file a police report with the Swiss police and Interpol. Lets be Karma. If you have been ripped off by BSC email me and lets fight back…[email protected]

  43. Experience:

    I am interested in buying the Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Des Dieux from Best Swiss Cigars. I have sent three emails through the Best Swiss Cigar website asking what is the box date on the cigars. I have not heard back from Rafael for 3 days now which has got me concered about the customer service and professionalism of this company. I started googling about this company which led me to this forum which made me even more concerned about placing an order through Best Swiss Cigar. I am not here to write a negative comment but am simply concerned that I have written three emails, three days in a row and have not heard any reply to a simple question. What is of further concern is that many of the above comments say that while the cigars were legitimate and very well packaged – that the experience was very bad because they were waiting an unreasonably long period of time to receive them…and all the reasons were due to there not being any stock.

    Rafael, if I may, I would suggest that you should have a telephone contact number and a personal email address rather than only sending enquiries through your website. You are difficult to reach.

    Secondly, I am still waiting to hear from you about the box date of those cigars. Do you have them in stock…and if I order them…how long will I be waiting to receive them? If I hear from you soon and decide to buy the cigars and if I have a positive experience…I will be sure to write about it in this forum. Rafael – I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards, Daniel Rosovsky.

  44. Peachlander says:


    I ordered my cigars two months ago and was charged for them on my Visa. No cigars. I have delt with other companies in the past with great results and usually received my cigars within 3 weeks. This is ridiculous. I e-mailed and asked for an explanation but have received no response. Wish I had read this site before I ordered. Probably will never get my cigars and have lost my money. A total rip off.

  45. Peachlander says:


    Update: Well add another month to my last comments. Still no cigars and no answer to my many E-Mails. Looks like they just take your money and then ignore you. This cigar site seems to be a total fraud.

  46. Experience:

    Poor service, took well over 2 months to get cigars, upon arrival almost all cigar heads were cracked and split, not able to smoke.
    They said they would replace , they never did,
    Not responding to any emails.
    Very piss poor service, and does not stand behind product they sale.
    Very poor business
    , Buyers Stay Away from this Vendor !

  47. Experience:

    One of the biggest dishonest businesses to deal with ! I have dealt with many Vendors and this BestSwissCigars is a joke. They will find Rafeal in a bad place for what he has done to honest Buyers.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS VENDOR…SCAM ALERT !

  48. Michael Bonas says:


    I ordered Cigars last year from Bestswisscigars and they never showed up. I asked for another box, or refund and they would not respond to my emails. The worst customer service I have ever received, and I was out over $100.00

  49. Boguslaw says:


    It took nearly 2 months to get a box of No2 Monte. The cigars were squashed (actually square). The paid price was 220 us$, inside invoice indicated 95$. Agreed to return, paid additional 30$. Support claims they never received the box (unfortunately I sent non registered).
    PS. They never indicated where they are located but it must be far away from Europe.

  50. Edward Bass says:


    I have ordered 2 times. True Habanas. You will need them in your humidor at least 2 weeks minimum.
    About 8 business days delivery. I
    Am very pleased.

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